Essentials of Medical Physiology 8th Edition PDF

Essentials of Medical Physiology 8th Edition PDF
Essentials of Medical Physiology 8th Edition

Physiology is one of the most important basic branches of medicine, and it is the part of biology that concerns an explanation of living cell mechanisms and cell functions on the ionic and molecular level to the whole process of homeostasis and integrated function of organs. ESSENTIALS OF MEDICAL PHYSIOLOGY PDF new edition is your suitable choice to anchor your first information about body systems functions in an easy, simple way and to build strong basics for pathophysiology and pathological disorders and internal medicine; you should guarantee your basics resources to build a strong, wide range of essential information.


Features of Essentials of Medical Physiology 8th Edition PDF:

  • Written by top-ranked professors of physiology in Asian universities, K Sembulingam, Prema Sembulingam
  • Comprehensive and integrated source of essentials and basics of physiology and biology science
  • Great coverage of all topics of physiology and mechanisms of action supported by high-quality images for easy delivery of information
  • Distinguished by elegant presentation, simple language, and clear illustrations with diagrams, flow charts, and tables in a great design of pages and chapters
  • The 8th new edition is updated to help the students in better understanding and performance in various types of examinations.
  • Clinical and applied physiology is completely updated with the most recent information increasing the power of clinical knowledge to a great extent to clinical importance and altered situations in pediatrics, geriatrics, and pregnancy as the approach utilized in detailing.
  • Fundamentals of common disorders like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, jaundice, etc. So, it becomes doubly important to fulfill the expectations of the educated mass, especially in the medical field.
  • Appreciated and certified by many universities as a dependent resource of physiology basics
  • Suitable for all medical students across the world for preparing for medical physiology courses or revision before pathology and internal medicine course

Contents of Essentials of Medical Physiology 8th Edition Ebook:

Part1: General physiology

(cell – homeostasis- Acid-base balance)

Part2: Blood and body fluids

(Fluids- blood- plasma proteins- RBCS- platelets WBCS- Anemia- Hemolysis- lymphatic..

Part3: Muscular system

Part4: Digestive system

Part5: Renal system and skin

Part6: Endocrine system

Part7: Reproductive system

Part8: Cardiovascular system

Part9: Respiratory system and environmental physiology

Part10: Nervous system

Part11: Special sense

(Hearing- Vision- Taste- Smell..)


We Show Some Opinions of Readers of the Text.

J.S.B.Pavan Kumar said This book was extremely useful for students studying physiology as a subject or topic. It contained all of the necessary information for school-aged students, as well as the majority of the basic information for students in their first year of MBBS. It was color-coded with different colors for each section.

Thoufeek expressed his happiness with the text said he had previously owned a previous version of this book (the 2nd edition) and considered this edition to be a significant improvement over the previous edition. He appreciates the level of detail provided by the book, which, as previously mentioned, is an excellent resource.

This book was not for the typical “lay” person, but it fits very well for medical professionals.


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