Get Through MRCOG Part 3: Clinical Assessment Second Edition PDF

Get Through MRCOG Part 3 Clinical Assessment PDF
Get Through MRCOG Part 3 Clinical Assessment PDF

MRCOG is the symbol of royal college of obstetrics and gynecology in the United Kingdom. It is the professional establishment for obstetrician and gynecologists doctors as it is completely responsible for the training of doctors after graduation, conduct royal college membership of gynecologists. It is a top-ranked medical license for overseas doctors that gives you full permission of GMC registration. It is like an ambitious step in your medical career. As a gynecologist, you have to handle a very strong preparation source to pass both parts of MRCOG in a fine score to be certified.  Get Through MRCOG Part 3 PDF is a comprehensive integrated source for high yield content which is the basic points of exam questions.


Features of Get Through MRCOG Part 3: Clinical Assessment PDF:

  • Written by professor T. Justin Clark, who is a great researcher of gynecology especially outpatient interventions for the diagnosis and treatment of menstrual disorders.
  • A broad and comprehensive approach to MRCOG Part 3 Clinical Assessment exam prep.
  • Following an introduction, the text is divided by OSCE station, with an analysis of what the station is testing and what approaches and preparation are required, with tips and examples; this is followed by thoroughly worked practice questions based on the exam format, with an analysis of how these are likely to be marked.
  • New updated collection comes more integrated and wide covers all different exam topics which questions came from before.
  • Concise format and high quality design to make reading more comfortable.
  • Built on high level standard of cases management and diagnosis, supported with many cases scenarios to anchor clinical pictures and taken decisions and management plan in a symphony idea.
  • Written in simple English for everyone, with a lovely format and comfortable style, it has almost 600 full-color pages with high-quality images, key point diagrams, and mnemonic reminders.
  • Many self-assessment questions to make you in tests circumstances to make the questions of real exam more familiar not strange and to avoid the shock of the first time look.

Contents of Get Through MRCOG Part 3: Clinical Assessment EBook:

Part1: Preparation for the MRCOG Part 3

1.2- Preparation for the MRCOG Part 3

Part2: Techniques for specific OSCE station

2.1- History and management stations

2.2- Communication, counselling and breaking bad news

2.3- Results interpretation and management

2.4- Critical appraisal of the medical literature and audit

2.5- Equipment, surgery and practical procedures

2.6- Emergencies

2.7-Structured oral examination (viva)

2.8- Teaching

Part3: OSCE practice circuits

3.1- Practice circuit 1

3.2- Practice circuit 2

Part4: Index

We show some opinions of book readers

Ghada Faryqh said that it was a comprehensive Guide, For OB/GYN professionals, this was an excellent resource. It included high-resolution photos as well as explanations of recent rules. The patient management methods were really useful. While on rounds, this pocket reference was highly recommended.

Minamoin Jack expressed his satisfaction about the content of the book and its relation to the exam, he said that was an excellent book for learning the fundamentals of O&G. I only wish it contained more practical knowledge that is required while performing O&G work.



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