Master The Boards USMLE Step 3 7th Edition PDF

Master The Boards USMLE Step 3 PDF 7th Edition

It is known that Medicals can’t fully complete the USMLE preparation process without reading Master The Boards. It is the most trusted source for USMLE exams guaranteed by thousands of medical students for more than 30 years as you can get the most excellent high yield topics and concepts you will find in your step three exam. Master The Boards USMLE Step 3 PDF 7th Edition is considered your right to achieve the highest scores that enable you to compete in the residency race.


Features of Master The Boards USMLE Step 3 PDF 7th Edition

  • Prepared by Conrad Fischer, Vice-chairman of medicine, Brookdale University Hospital, and director of the Internal Medicine residency program. He is one of the pioneers of USMLE teaching.
  • Master the Boards USMLE Step 3 has the material you need to thrive on the exam and match into the residency school of your choice, thanks to special insights and targeted review from USMLE expert Conrad Fischer, MD.
  • The book assists you in identifying highly tested ideas, improving recollection, and recognizing the most likely exam response. This full-color book will ensure there are no surprises on test day with professional tips, up-to-date content, and high-yield review.

  • The focus on the best first diagnostic test, the most accurate test, and the most likely diagnosis are similar to that of the Best Review Exam.
  • Updated pharmacology throughout the book, including a new chapter on urology. Hundreds of diagnostic images in full color.
  • Comprehensive new content for the communication skills section and Race and ethnic issues, as well as gender-neutral vocabulary, are all part of the recent focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Distinguished by being your first choice for learning the most significant topics you’ll encounter on the exam, as well as your best option for a rapid review in the two weeks leading up to the exam, and especially on the night of the exam.
  • For the CCS, here are some helpful hints (Computer-based Case Simulations)

Contents of Master The Boards USMLE Step 3 7th Edition

A: internal medicine

  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Tropical, fungal, animal-borne diseases
  • Allergy and immunology
  • Endocrinology
  • Pulmonology
  • Rheumatology
  • Hematology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Nephrology
  • Oncology

B: preventive medicine

C: biostatistics and epidemiology

D: dermatology

E: surgery

F: urology

G: pediatrics

H: obstetrics

I: gynecology

K: radiology

L: psychiatry

M: emergency medicine

N: ethics

O: patient safety

P: ophthalmology


We show some opinions of the book readers

Alex J. said this is a review of the book’s most recent (6th) edition. MTB is a fairly succinct summary of everything. This book will serve as a nice recap if you did well on step 2 or if it’s still fresh in your mind. It briefly touches on most themes. Overall, an excellent book, however, I felt like each chapter was lacking a lot of important information. There is no mention of tension headaches, for example, where it talks about headaches. There is no mention of RMSF or other tick-borne infections when it comes to tick-borne diseases. There was also a lot of repetition, which I didn’t enjoy. Although repetition isn’t necessarily a bad thing, numerous sections are copied and pasted from other sections.

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