MedESSENTIALS USMLE Step 1 PDF is a preparatory tool used for the board step 1 exam as it is visually mapped basic science concepts; it is a high-yield reference guide suitable for first- and second-year medical students who want to prepare for the Step 1 exam as well as complement their education. Kaplan is one of the most ancient and successful educational corporations in the world. For more than 80 years, this corporation has worked continuously to expand and provide easy access to different countries students. They introduce great coverage of all students’ levels from high school to medical college.


Features of MEDESSENTIALS USMLE Step 1 PDF Sixth Edition.

  • Prepared by Kaplan Corporation, the premier preparation provider of the United States Medical License examination.
  • Fully comprehensive and integrated mnemonics textbooks that provide the highest-yield review concepts for all topics evaluated on the USMLE are highlighted. All core science ideas addressed in medical programs, as well as the USMLE and COMLEX tests, are included.
  • Both organ system and discipline-based curricula are supported; there are 12 pages of full-color medical pictures, as well as detailed tables and bolded words.

  • Medessentials for USMLE step 1 was created to help you master this learning process. First, it distills the mass of material you must master to emphasize the most important concepts and details. Second, it organizes the material you need to know in a way that facilitates retention and application to clinical problems.
  • The purpose of MEDESSENTIALS isn’t to cover everything you need to master, but rather to highlight and emphasize what matters most. The material included in the highest yield content selected by Kaplan’s best faculty depending on long years of experience with the help of the latest examinees
  • Blocks of content are easier to retain than scattered facts, depending on keywords of drugs and diseases to anchor basic and vital medical information
  • Kaplan editions are your first worthy choice. They are revised continuously by the most related experts and professors, pointing your hand to what you need and making connections between basic science and different specialties.
  • Used by millions of medical students every year from all medical colleges in different parts of the earth

Contents of MEDESSENTIALS USMLE Step 1 PDF Sixth Edition.

Part1: General Principles

  • Behavioral science
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Immunology

  • Microbiology
  • Embryology
  • Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology

Part2: organ systems

2.1- nervous system

2.2- cardiovascular system

2.3- respiratory system

2.4- renal and urinary system

2.5- gastrointestinal system

2.6- endocrine system

2.7- reproductive system

2.8- musculoskeletal system

2.9- hematological system

Part3: Appendices

We show some opinions of book users.

Medical Student said This is a book of charts and tables if FA is a book of paragraphs. So, if you’ve previously read the annotated FA and are looking for a book to help you recall the summary version, this is the one to get. Although it has better graphics, charts, and tables than FA, I believe it lacks some details. Also, I believe this will be very helpful for people who used Kaplan Step 1 resources – Kaplan lectures notes, lecture – because the visuals are the same.


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