Medical Terminology For Dummies, 3rd Edition PDF Download

Medical Terminology For Dummies, 3rd Edition PDF

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Medical Terminology For Dummies, one of the best books that show a large number of medical terms that help the reader in the medical field, it gives you an easy presentation of each term and its use and application in the best way.

Medical Terminology For Dummies, 3rd Ed. PDF Essential Features:

You cannot work in the medical field without knowing the specific backgrounds of each of the medical terms.
Each term has its own meaning, which affects the quality, safety, and efficiency of the work.
This book is a powerful resource for every healthcare professional, whether you are currently or possibly heading into this field.

This great book provides different ways to memorize words and the meaning of each word and brings you new ideas for study resources, flashes, mind maps, and some games as well.

You will read and understand the words, their pronunciation, their definition, and how to apply them.
Handle the normalized language of medication.

  • Locate the most effortless approach to recollect tongue-bending terms.
  • Advantage from loads of definitions and models.
  • Comprehend, hold, and put this information to utilize.

In case you’re one of a huge number of experts wanting to prevail in this blasting field, this book makes you talk about the discussion so you can walk the walk.


Chapter one, Living for linguistics is the first chapter of this book, it talks about a wide range of medical terms, the historical background of each term, the original concept of it, and many tips for pronouncing words the right way.
The book talks about the importance of terms for this field and the specialist can produce the best results.
It introduces several terms on anatomy in detail.

Chapter two talks about the importance of terms and how they are understood, searched for and used in their correct field.
There are many medical theories, but the important thing is how they are applied to be useful for the studies and the workers.
The book provided several terms and ways to apply them.

The book also talked about some of the wrong assumptions in the medical field that many believed among it:

  • A medical student hoping to get a jump-start on general terminology before that first big quiz.
  • A medical professional looking to brush up on terms if you are a bit out of practice or just want to know more about how these terms are made.
  • A curious adult interested in speaking your doctor’s languages and learning more about the terms that describe how your body functions.


Table of Contents of  Medical Terminology For Dummies PDF:

Part I: Living for Linguistics 5

Chapter 1: Scrubbing In to Master Medical Terminology 7

Chapter 2: Medical Terminology: The How and Why 13

Chapter 3: Introducing the Big Three: Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes 19

Chapter 4: Acronyms, Eponyms, Homonyms, Multiples, and Plurals — Oh My! 31

Chapter 5: Say What? Pronunciation and Usage 45

Part II: Mapping Words and Bodies 55

Chapter 6: As It Was in the Beginning: Prefixes 57

Chapter 7: So It Shall Be in the End: Suffixes 69

Chapter 8: Hey, I Know You: Word Recognition 75

Chapter 9: Deconstruction Junction: Breaking Down Words 85

Chapter 10: An Org Chart to Live By: Organization of the Body 95

Chapter 11: All Systems Go: When Systems Combine 109

Part III: In Terms of Anatomy 119

Chapter 12: Boning Up on the Skeletal System 121

Chapter 13: Getting Ripped: The Muscular System 139

Chapter 14: Skin Deep: Skin, Glands, Nails, and Hair 153

Chapter 15: It Depends on Your Perception: The Sensory Systems 167

Part IV: Let’s Get Some Physiology Terminology 185

Chapter 16: The Hear t of the Mat ter: The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems 187

Chapter 17: Just Breathe: The Respiratory System 211

Chapter 18: Feeding Time: The Gastrointestinal System 227

Chapter 19: Gatekeepers of Health: The Endocrine System 245

Chapter 20: Calming Down: The Nervous System 261

Part V: Name That Plumbing 275

Chapter 21: When You Gotta Go: The Urinary System 277

Chapter 22: Check the Plumbing: The Male Reproductive System 291

Chapter 23: A Life Force: The Female Reproductive System 305

Part VI: The Part of Tens 325

Chapter 24: Ten Essential Medical Terminology References 327

Chapter 25: Ten or So Useful Mnemonic Devices 331

Chapter 26: Ten Sets of Terminology Tongue-Twisting Diseases 335

Appendix: Prefixes and Suffixes 341


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The medical calling has a language all its own. On the off chance that you are, or plan to be, in the social insurance field or in any calling working with human services, you have to communicate in that language. All things considered, you’re lucky, since this straightforward guide gives the jargon, yet it additionally offers convenient stunts for remembering words and their implications, helps to articulate words, guidance for utilizing medical terms in the correct setting, and even proposals for tests, mental aides, and games that will assist you with acing the dialect.


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