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Surgical Recall Ninth Edition
Surgical Recall Ninth Edition

Lippincott Connect is a customizable, all-in-one learning solution that blends a dynamic e-book with multimedia study aids and resources, allowing you to construct personalized study collections to aid you in your coursework and beyond. Surgery is the field of medicine that deals with the physical removal, repair, or readjustment of organs and tissues to cure injuries, diseases, and abnormalities, frequently including cutting into the body. The surgical recall is an integrated, simple textbook of Surgery basics and different interventions; you need to know them well in operation and emergency rooms. Lippincott editions are known for their popularity and unique, attractive style of explanation.


Features of Surgical Recall Ninth Edition Book:

  • Introduced by a pioneering surgeon, Lorne Blackbourne, under the coverage of ancient Lippincott organization
  • The most important target of the edition is Building your self Confidence for Success and passing on Your surgical Exams.
  • Distinguished by its unique style of writing, the text was inserted in a system of rapid-fire question-and-answer format that discovered that it is the ideal method for learning on the go.
  • The best-selling surgical resource that can give a broad coverage of both general Surgery and surgical subspecialties like gastrointestinal and cardiothoracic and provides accurate, spot answers to the high yield questions most
    They are repeated during rotations and on end-round exams.
  • New updated 9th edition with the latest advances in key areas and additional Rapid review questions and for the first time, new Rapid-Fire vignettes to make students qualified to pass and guarantee success in any upcoming exams.
  • Hundreds of mnemonics, acronyms, suggestions, prompts, and reminders aid pupils in memorizing and remembering important information.
  • Students are prepared for active engagement in the operation room via concise procedural descriptions and a strategic two-column structure.
  • Surgical Procedures in Three Dimensions Vignette Chess is a three-column game that allows you to practice managing patient circumstances and assess your understanding.

Contents of Surgical Recall Ninth Edition PDF:

Part1: General overview

1.1- Introduction
1.2- Syndromes
1.3- Instruments
1.4- Suturing
1.5- Incisions
1.6- Preoperative
1.7- Most commons

Part2: Background surgical information
2.1- fluids
2.2- surgical medications
2.3- blood products
2.4- hemostasis
2.5- complications
2.6- surgical respiratory care
2.7- shock
2.8- fever

2.9- anasthesia
Part3: General Surgery
3.1- Acute abdomen
3.2- hernia
3.3- laparoscopy
3.4- trauma
3.5- burns
3.6- gastrointestinal
3.7- tumors
3.8- colon and rectum
3.9- bleeding
Part4: subspecialty Surgery
4.1- pediatric Surgery
4.2- plastic Surgery
4.3- hand Surgery
4.4- thoracic Surgery
4.5- cardiovascular Surgery
4.6- orthopedic
4.7- neurosurgery
4.8- urology Surgery
4.9- head and neck Surgery

We show some opinions of book readers.

Erica Rozema, an international medical bachelor student, said that the book was perfect. It was the ideal surgical resource when you were on the run and want to brush up on the basics. It covered all necessary Surgery topics and featured well-organized chapters as well as high-quality sheets and colors. You did an outstanding job. Thank you a lot.

Selena Adam said That book provided just the right amount of information for me to answer the questions that my attending surgeon had for me. In less than 5 minutes, you could read a section and have all of the high-yield information on that topic. For their Surgery rotations, She suggested this book to all of my med school pals.



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