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Visual Mnemonics Medicine is considered one of the best medical books that spread in 2019.
This book is an inspiration to doctors and nurses, as it explains its idea in a simple way and illustrations, it helps readers to understand. We will now talk about a general description of the book.

Visual Mnemonics Medicine 2nd Edition PDF Essential Features:

Visual Mnemonics Medicine Displays a distinct diagram, this interesting book includes all the information you need to read on a topic.
All information is provided in a concise and useful way for medical and nursing students to help them understand.

  1. This new release contains 200+ unique visual mnemonic & illustrations
  2. 500+ High-yield Drug of Choice
  3. Recent FDA endorsed drugs focuses.

MNEMONICS for Sure Success in Medical Examinations

This book not only helps you to save but also makes you remember all the pictures you have seen tied to the information.

One of the most important topics within the book cardiovascular system includes acute MI treatment, antiarrhythmics for AV node, coronary artery disease risk factors, aortic dissection risk factors (Atherosclerosis, Ageing, Aortic aneurysm Blood pressure high, cystic medial necrosis

Also, beck’s triad is an assortment of three clinical signs related to intense cardiovascular tamponade, a crisis condition wherein liquid collects around the heart and weakens its capacity to siphon blood. The signs are low blood vessel pulse, stretched neck veins, and far off, suppressed heart sounds.

Besides, heart failure causes hypertension is the main source of major unfriendly cardiovascular results, including respiratory failures and stroke. The most noticeable indication of target organ harm identified with hypertension is left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH).
LVH, in the end, inclines to systolic and diastolic cardiovascular breakdown and is related with a much more danger of stroke.

Electrocardiography and echocardiography are normally used to evaluate LVH, yet cardiovascular MRI might be an increasingly reproducible and precise methodology. Relapse in LVH is related with improved cardiovascular results.
Medications focused on LVH relapses incorporate limitation of salt, ordinary exercise and weight decrease.
A barricade of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone framework is especially powerful in forestalling cardiovascular and cerebrovascular occasions and is regularly connected with the relapse of LVH, a lessening in left atrial size and a diminished occurrence of new-beginning atrial fibrillation, which could all contribute towards a decline in vascular occasions.

Generally speaking, a decrease in circulatory strain is as yet the most significant factor in anticipation of infection movement, and early treatment turns away the danger of consequent cardiovascular breakdown and stroke.
And many other causes that lead to heart failure.
This book shows a diagram on Kawasaki disease and MI complications.
Also, pericarditis causes and everything related to this topic
And other good information about raised JVP differential that includes:

  • pericardial effusion
  • right heart failure,
  • tricuspid stenosis
  • Superior vena caval obstruction.

He added about angina precipitating factors explain it in simple points.
The author also talked about turner syndrome and other details of the cardiovascular systems.
Then, the writer turned to another system which is an endocrine system.
So you should read and see this book, it is magic.

256 Pages of Medical Mnemonics In All Topics

Table of Contents of  Visual Mnemonics Medicine PDF:

• Cardiovascular system
• Endocrine system
• Gastroenterology
• Haematology
• Infectious diseases
• Integumentary system
• Liver and Biliary system
• Musculoskeletal system
• Nervous system
• Psychiatry
• Renal system
• Reproductive system
• Respiratory system
• Drug of choice
• FDA approved drugs 2019

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