Bronchiectasis Differential Diagnosis Mnemonics

Bronchiectasis Differential Diagnosis


⚡️ Airway lesion/chronic obstruction
⚡️ Sequestration
⚡️ Immunodeficiency syndrome (especially immunoglobulin abnormalities)
⚡️ Cystic fibrosis
⚡️ Kartagener’s syndrome/dysmotile ciliary syndromes
⚡️ AlIergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA)
⚡️ Infection/Inflammation (e.g., tuberculosis, post-viral,whooping cough, collagen-vascular disease)
⚡️ Reflux (aspiration)/ Recurrent injury (heroin, toxic gas inhalation)
⚡️ Williams-Campbell and other congenital diseases(e.g., Marfan’s, Mounier-Kuhn)
⚡️ AIpha-I antitrypsin deficiency
⚡️ Yellow nail syndrome, Young ‘s syndrome

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Bronchiectasis Differential Diagnosis

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