Critical Care Medicine an Algorithmic Approach 1st Edition PDF


Critical care medicine is a broad subject that covers many areas and almost all subspecialties of internal medicine. As one might remember from one’s years in residency, the ICU rotation is exciting and the favorite of many. Critical Care Medicine, an Algorithmic Approach 1st Edition PDF discusses practical issues of critical care medicine divided into chapters by subspecialty. Specifically, we separated the following aspects of critical care medicine: respiratory, cardiac, and circulation, infectious diseases. Critical care medicine is an internal medicine sub-specialty focused on very sick people plus invasive procedures. As such, the chapters in this book apply to the practice of general medicine as well. Therefore, the intended audience for this book includes critical care practitioners, internal medicine residents, and its sub-specialties.


Features of Critical Care Medicine an Algorithmic Approach 1st Edition PDF

  • Prepared by Alexender Goldfarb, lecturer of medicine, Harvard Medical School. Robert Stephen, Professor of nephrology, Harvard Medical School.
  • In the form of easy-to-follow diagnostic and treatment algorithms, graphs, and tables, this first-of-its-kind decision-making tool gives succinct, practical information on crucial elements of critical care.
  • The one-of-a-kind style saves you time by guiding you through best practices and accurate statistics to improve ICU patient outcomes.
  • The chapters are categorized by the disorder for simple reference and cover a specific organ system.
  • Each chapter presented a short overview of the illness, diagnostic and treatment procedures, potential complications, and techniques for dealing with them, as well as supporting references.

  • Throughout the book, there are helpful mnemonics and critical care professional guidance.
  • ABG analysis; pleural effusion; acute respiratory failure; cardiac critical care; acute kidney injury, hydration and electrolyte management, acid-base disorders; infectious disease; COVID-19; critical care difficulties relating to other medical disciplines; and much more are just a few of the topics covered.
  • Most of the references used for this book are open access sources, with specific effort made to select appropriate sources that would be easily available to readers unless these sources were insufficien

Contents of Critical Care Medicine an Algorithmic Approach 1st Edition PDF

  • Respiratory failure
  • Critical care cardiology and hypertension
  • Renal failure and renal replacement therapy
  • Water and electrolytes disorders
  • Acid-base disorders
  • Infectious disease in critical care practice
  • Critical care gastroenterology
  • Hematology and oncology aspects of critical care
  • Rheumatology, immunology, and allergy
  • Endocrinology issues in critical care
  • Toxicology highlights
  • Neurology aspects of critical care
  • Covid 19 and critical care
  • Useful formulae and abbreviations
  • Index

We show some opinions of the book readers

Mina Adel, a junior surgery resident, expressed satisfaction with the book’s level, saying, “As a general surgical resident, throughout my ICU rotation in a very large hospital, dealing with SICU and CCU patients, and performing ECMO for two occasions, this book was a lifesaver for patients and me.” The data is well-organized and thorough. He felt like an expert on tools and why we were on this, and it is an easy, quick reference of ICU, in addition to understanding sedatives and central lines.

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