Important one liners for AIIMS

Important one liners for All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

Important one liners for AIIMS

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1. For Detection of carcinoma lip, stain used is toluidine blue . 2. HLA is absent in RBCs. 3. In a patient suspected to be diagnosed with Rabies, a sample of corneal smear was taken, Immunofluorescence Test can be done from this specimen.
4. The RBCs with schizonts of P.Falciparum are not visible on peripheral blood smear due to capillary adherence or sequestration of parasitized RBC’s.
5. Resolving power of Light microscope depends on Power of eyepiece,Wavelength of light used &Power of the lens.
6. In Transfusion related lung injury ,Mortality <10% of cases,Supportive Care is mainstay of treatment & Steroids use is not well established.
7. In Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, finding on microscopy is Crescents. 8. Weight of rabbit in pharmacological studies is 4-5 kg. 9. Side effects of thionamide group of antithyroid drugs are Agranulocytosis,Aplastic Anaemia & Liver toxicity.
10. Nail Pigmentation is seen in Chloroquine,Cyclophosphamide & Chlorpromazine. 11. Risk factors for lactic acidosis in patients on metformin are Liver Dysfunction,Renal Dysfunction & Smoking.
12. Drug used in osteoporosis are PTH,Denosumab & Strontium ranelate. 13. Anti-diabetic drug that does not need drug dose reduction in patient with renal disease is Linagliptin.
14. An Antidote for benzodiazepine toxicity is Flumazenil. 15. The commonly used sites for Insulin administrations are Anterior Thigh,Lateral Thigh & Around umbilicus.
16. Negative Acute Phase Reactant is Albumin. 17. Epigenetics can change the gene expression by methylation & acetylation without changing content of gene.
18. If the RB gene phosphorylation is defective , cell cycle will stop at G1. 19. CRISPR plays a role in gene editing. 20. Endometriotic lesion histology represents high Estrogen state. 21. Inflammatory myoblastic tumour neoplasms shows ALK positivity. 22. B cells, Dendritic cells, NK Cells have MHC class II. 23. SOX11 Immunohistochemistry marker is used in cyclin D1 negative Mantle cell lymphoma.
24. Acetone free ethanol in leishman stains causes metabolic & enzymatic activity to stop. 25. New tests aimed to diagnose liver fibrosis serologically are Serum laminin & serum hyaluronidase.
26. Transferrin receptor 1-iron responding elements increases transferrin receptor mRNA concentration & synthesis is accurate regarding the internal iron homeostasis in iron deficiency anemia.
27. Breadth of 1st sacral vertebra * 100/breadth of base of sacrum is correct regarding corporobasal index of sacrum.

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