Rapid Facts About Macrocytic Anemia

Rapid Facts About Macrocytic Anemia

Only ​vitamin B12 ​and​ folate deficiency​ has ​macroovalocytes + hypersegmented

●Don’t forget that ​megaloblastic ​anemia has ​pancytopenia​.

●in case of macrocytic anemia and pancytopenia don’t forget to think about
myelodysplastic syndrome ​and ​paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria​.
●both ​alcohol ​and ​B12 ​deficiency causes neurological manifestations but ​alcohol
has NO hypersegmented neutrophils​.

● B12 ​and​ folate deficiency ​causes​ increase in bilirubin and LDH​. Distinguish it
from hemolysis by ​decreased reticulocyte​.

● B12 levels​ can be​normal in 30%,​of patients with B12 deficiency because
transcobalamin ​is an acute phase reactant.

● Metformin​ can cause ​B12 deficiency ​by​interfering with absorption​.

● Goat’s milk ​is poor in folate vitamin B12 and iron.

● Pernicious anemia​is the ​most common cause​of vitamin B12 deficiency.

●When treating vitamin B12 deficiency first​start with IM then oral​.

●After correcting the B12 and folate deficiencies ​don’t forget to monitor potassium level​ because it will go down (Cellular regeneration).

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Rapid Facts About Macrocytic Anemia

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