USMLE Step 1 NBME Top Concepts 2021 PDF

NBME Top Concepts PDF 2021 for USMLE Step 1

USMLE Step 1 NBME Top Concepts PDF is the most significant high yield source for organized and arranged concepts of USMLE major topics and most repeated NBME questions and points in a fashionable Goljan style. It is prepared to be a strong handle which gives you the power and knowledge to deal with any question and any topic from biochemistry to pathology. It is supported by HyGuru, an integrated medical education organization specializing in medical student education and board review preparation, especially for the USMLE.


Features of USMLE Step 1 NBME Top Concepts 2021 PDF

  • Prepared by Rahul Damania, a physician specializing in pediatrics critical care, who has specialized for years in USMLE preparation courses and the education process.
  • It’s one of the few tools that teach you to use test-taking tactics on exam day. Diagrams and important principles from high-yield resources are included in the notes! These study notes can be printed and delivered to you to maximize your review time and get through this workbook utilizing the videos from my course/YouTube.

  • The new up-to-date edition contains clinical updates presented in all USMLE and NBME to keep up with recent questions in both types of exams in an easy-to-read style, easy following design, and page format depending on evidence-based medical advice for determining the worth of various testing.
  • Thousands of global medical students register in the course and take this source seriously every year from all medical colleges
  • This source provides an active-recall review for the USMLE Step 1 exam and a large number of NBME-style questions.
  • Each chapter’s review questions assess student comprehension of fundamental knowledge and aid in memorizing high-yield topics. Rather than memorizing buzz phrases, test prep tactics assist readers in discovering and grasping question stems.

Contents of NBME Top Concepts 2021 for USMLE Step 1 Ebook

Part1: Cardiology

Part2: Respiratory

Part3: Endocrinology

Part4: Gastroenterology

Part5: Hematology

Part6: Oncology

Part7: Neurology

Part8: Renal

Part9: Reproductive

Part10: Dermatology

Part11: Rheumatology

Part12: Psychiatry


We show some opinions of book users.

Buzz Alo said the book consists primarily of the videos and notes related to some of the lectures towards the end. The knowledge is quite beneficial. My only complaint is that the quality is poor. It appears to be pixelated screen pictures from a video or PDF. I would have awarded the book 4 to 5 stars if the graphics and writing were clear. I still recommend the book for those who don’t want to waste time copying down what he says in the video.


Jack Thomas said this book is fantastic. It EXPLAINS complicated topics in an easy-to-understand manner. I suppose Kaplan’s “lecture notes” are over 2700 pages long. How can a simple mortal process so much information? Although First Aid may be your go-to book as you near the end of your Step 1 preparation, this book can walk you through 95 percent of the information in a careful and well-organized manner. I wouldn’t say I like textbooks, but this one is a keeper.

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