Causes Of Lower GI Bleeding Medical Mnemonics

February 16, 2019 Dr Lina 0

Causes Of  Lower GI Bleeding CHAND 🚑Colitis ( radiation, infectious, ischemic, ibd {UC >CD) 🚑Hemorrhoids/Fissure 🚑Angiodysplasia 🚑Neoplastic 🚑Diverticular disease sharing  is caring (Please support)

CREST SYNDROME Medical Mnemonics

January 26, 2019 Dr Lina 0

CREST SYNDROME C R E S T ❗️Calcinosis ❗️Raynaud’s phenomenon ❗️Esophageal motility ❗️Sclerodactyly ❗️Talengiectasias sharing is caring