Ninja Nerd Lecture Notes and Illustrations 2022 PDF

Ninja Nerd Lecture Notes and Illustrations PDF 2022

You’re in luck if you happen to teach anatomy and physiology or any other high school scientific topic that has a medical component because almost all of the Ninja Nerd films can be used in the classroom. Whether you want to try the “flipping” method and swap a lecture for a video that students can watch at home, need something for the student who skipped class the day you covered the immune system, or simply have a student who is much more interested in cardiovascular diseases than you have time to “uncover” in class, these resources can help. Ninja Nerd Lecture Notes and Illustrations 2022 PDF is the ideal resource for USMLE’s rapid review of vital topics.


Features of  Ninja Nerd Lecture Notes and Illustrations 2022 PDF

  • Prepared by Rob Beach, a physical therapist is responsible for all of the video and editing work done for the team. Zach Murphy, the Ninja Nerd you will see on-screen, Kristin Popovice, a physician assistant, the whiteboard artist, and registered nurse Rob Beach.
  • One of the top sources for medical education. Their notes address physiology in a style that is genuinely fascinating and enjoyable, and they are quite informative.

  • Cover all aspects of medical sciences Biochemistry, Cardiovascular, Case study, Cell Biology, Circulatory, Embryology, Endocrinology, ENT, Gastrointestinal, Haematology, Immunology, Metabolism, Microbiology, Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Nursing, Orthopaedics, Renal, Reproductive system, and respiratory system.
  • Interesting substitution for difficult complex textbooks of medical fundamentals that makes study and exam preparation easier and more organized.

Contents of Ninja Nerd Lecture Notes and Illustrations 2022

1- Biochemistry

2- Cardiovascular

3- Case study

4- Cell Biology

5- Circulatory

6- Embryology

7- Endocrinology

8- ENT

9- Gastrointestinal

10- Haematology


11- Immunology

12- Metabolism

13- Microbiology

14- Musculoskeletal

15- Neurology

16- Nursing

17- Orthopaedics

18- Renal

19- Reproductive system

20- Respiratory system

We show some opinions of the book

Dr. Tide said “I adore what Ninja Nerd has accomplished for the student population as a medical educator. The development of free, open, and fact-based tools for students worldwide have received positive feedback. There isn’t a medical or nursing school on this planet where at least one student hasn’t murmured, “Thank God for Ninja Nerd,” even though both faculty and students use their content.”

Jason Walker, Associate Professor of Physiology said  “My approach to teaching my kids has been completely transformed by Ninja Nerd’s basic concepts and level of delivery. As a teacher and lifelong learner, I’m constantly seeking new ways to express or present the material so that my pupils may better understand it. I frequently turn to Ninja Nerd and the informative stuff they produce when looking for that packaging. Students now have the resources they need to retain the knowledge they need to pass quizzes and board examinations because of Ninja Nerd.”

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