Medical Surgical Nursing 10th Edition PDF

Medical Surgical Nursing PDF 10th Edition

A strong foundation in medical-surgical nursing is provided by Medical Surgical Nursing 10th Edition PDF. This entirely updated text features a more conversational writing style, a focus on nursing principles and clinical trends, strong evidence-based information, and a crucial pathophysiology review. Among other areas of nursing care, the topic covers ambulatory care, acute intervention, and health promotion. The use of boxes and tables makes it simple to find crucial information, and a building-block method simplifies even the most complex topics. The topics covered include inter-professional care, delegation, safety, and prioritizing.


Features of Medical Surgical Nursing 10th Edition PDF

  • Prepared by Donna Ignatavicius, an expert in nursing education and medical-surgical/gerontological nursing.
  • Instead of employing isolated nursing-specific diagnostic language, constant usage of interprofessional terminology encourages interprofessional cooperation by using a common healthcare language.
  • A foundation in professional nursing, health and illness concepts is provided through the enhanced conceptual approach to learning, which integrates nursing principles and exemplars and illustrates how each idea is applied in each chapter.
  • Your ability to apply concepts to clinical circumstances will improve thanks to the unmatched emphasis placed on clinical reasoning and clinical judgment.
  • The Nursing Safety Priority boxes, which include Drug Alert, Critical Rescue, and Action Alert boxes, place a strong emphasis on safety and evidence-based practice
  • Concise sentences and simple terminology characterize this plain, easy to read writing style

  • The focus on community-based treatment and health promotion acknowledge that the majority of adult healthcare occurs outside of high-acuity (hospital) settings.
  • To help you get ready for the Next Generation NCLEX Exam, a strengthened conceptual approach with data-driven Concept and Exemplar selections incorporates concepts of pain, inflammation, and infection and provides Exemplar disorders with a comprehensive nursing-process structure and additional depth (NGN).
  • The NCSBN Clinical Judgment Model is aligned with the increased emphasis on clinical judgment and systems thinking, which also highlights the six cognitive abilities you’ll need for the NGN and safe clinical practice.
  • Chapter-opening Learning Outcomes and chapter-ending Get Ready for the NCLEX Examination sections, as well as NCLEX Examination Challenge questions and new chapter-ending Mastery Questions, are all included with an emphasis on NGN preparation. An answer key is included at the end of the book.
  • An interprofessional collaborative approach to care corresponds with the IPEC Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and approaches medical and nursing management through the prism of the nursing process and the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Model.
  • Expanded personal safety and mass casualty preparation content will better prepare you for the reality of modern healthcare.
  • You gain a head start on familiarizing yourself with key vocabulary by reading the key terms and definitions at the beginning of each chapter.
  • To increase your study effectiveness, the revised Key Points closely correlate with Learning Outcomes and each one has a QSEN or Clinical Nursing Concept “tag.”

Contents of Medical Surgical Nursing 10th Edition.

  • Concepts for medical-surgical nursing
  • Concepts of emergency care and disaster preparedness
  • Interprofessional collaboration for patients with problems with fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance

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Ramsel said I purchased this a little too late in the game, but I adore the EKG graphics and the fast reference tests. If you’re looking for pharmacology, there are some drugs but not enough. Although I thought it was a bit expensive, I took a chance. The book is robust and water-resistant! Not astonished, but it was worth the purchase to have a backup in my clinical bag.


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