Nurse’s Drug Handbook 2022 Edition PDF

Nurse's Drug Handbook PDF 2022 Edition

Nurse’s Drug Handbook 2022 Edition PDF is the most current, useful, and simple nursing drug reference. It offers current information on hundreds of medicines, from A-Z, and is updated every year. It delivers succinct and consistently prepared medication information arranged alphabetically in plain language with comprehensible vocabulary. It highlights the crucial facts you need to know before, during, and after medication administration. It introduces all nurses and nursing students to the core accurate and vital needs in pharmacology.


Features of Nurse’s Drug Handbook 2022 Edition

  • Prepared by Jones and Bartlett Learning which is a market leader in the provision of educational, assessment, and learning-performance management systems for secondary, post-secondary, and professional markets.
  • In addition to the drug information you expect to find in each entry, the nurse’s drug handbook boasts special features.
  • The design makes it easy to find the most-need-to-know drug information such as indications, dosages, dosage adjustments, and warnings.
  • Introductory material reviews essential general information you need to know to administer drugs safely and effectively, including an overview of pharmacology and the principles of drug administration. In addition, the five steps of the nursing process are explained and related specifically to drug therapy

  • Highly useful illustrations throughout the text help you visualize selected mechanisms of action by showing how drugs work at cellular, tissue, and organ levels. In addition, the inside front cover features a list of all the drugs whose mechanisms of action are illustrated, as well as other drugs with the same mechanisms of action
  • No-nonsense writing style speaks in everyday language and uses the terms and abbreviations you typically encounter in your practice and your studies
  • Up-to-date drug information includes the latest FDA-approved drugs, new and changed indications, latest drug administration instructions, new warnings, new drug interactions, newly reported adverse reactions, latest childbearing considerations, and changes in nursing consideration
  • Dosage adjustment, headlined in color, alerts you to expected dosage changes for a patient with a specific condition or disorder.
  • Easy-to-use tables showing the route, onset, peak, and duration, and other tables in appendices provide a time-saving way to track and check information.
  • The appendices give you an overview of the most important facts and nursing considerations for important drug groups

Contents of Nurse’s Drug Handbook 2022 Edition PDF

  • Principles of drug administration
  • Drug therapy and the nursing process
  • Individual drugs from A to Z
  • Safety guidelines for opioid use
  • Parenteral insulin preparation
  • Oral allergen extracts
  • Less commonly used drugs
  • Selected antihistamines
  • Selected ophthalmic

  • Selected topical
  • Selected combination antiviral drugs
  • Common cancers and antineoplastic drugs
  • Selected antihypertensive drugs
  • Selected obstetrical drugs
  • Vitamins
  • Interferons
  • Compatible drugs in syringe

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said Spencer T. I needed it specifically for my studies. It includes crucial details about the medication and any potential side effects. The list does not, however, include all drugs. For those who are just getting into drugs, this book is helpful.

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