2021 Nurse’s Drug Handbook 20th Edition PDF

2021 Nurse's Drug Handbook Free PDF 20th Edition
2021 Nurse's Drug Handbook Free PDF 20th Edition

The most up-to-date, practical, and easy-to-use nursing medication reference is the Jones & Bartlett 2021 Nurse’s Drug Handbook 20th Edition Free PDF. It introduces all nurses and nursing students to fundamental accurate and vital needs in pharmacology, it emphasizes the vital information you need to know before, during, and after drug administration. The information is presented in easy-to-understand language and organized alphabetically to reach your information quickly.


Features of 2021 Nurse’s Drug Handbook Free PDF 20th Edition.

  • Prepared by Jones & Bartlett Learning, founded in 1983, is a global leader in instructional, assessment, and learning-performance management systems for secondary, post-secondary, and professional markets.
  • Updated edition with special features, easy design to find the most needed to know drug information, such as indications, dosages, adjustments, and warnings, simple size makes it easy to carry and convenient to use, the practical trim size allows the book to open flat so you can find the information you need without wrestling with a book that wants to close as you can hold the book with one hand and use the other hand in any other activity
  • Introductory material reviews essential general information you need to know to administer drugs safely and effectively, including an overview of pharmacology and the principles of drug administration

  • Highly useful illustrations throughout the textbook help you visualize selected mechanisms of action by showing how drugs work at cellular, tissue, and organs levels
  • No-nonsense writing style speaks in everyday language and uses the terms and abbreviations you typically encounter in your practice
  • Up-to-date drug information includes the latest FDA approved drugs, new and changed indications, new warnings, and newly reported adverse actions
  • The medications are easy to discover, and new information concerning drugs used during COVID-19, such as remdesivir, is included. This is an excellent resource for anyone working in the nursing field or studying to become a nurse.
  • Easy-to-use tables showing the route, onset, peak, and duration, and other tables in appendices provide a time-saving way to track and check information. The appendices give you an overview of the most important facts and nursing considerations for important drug groups.

Contents of 2021 Nurse’s Drug Handbook 20th Edition

1- Individual drugs

2- Safety Guidelines for opioid use

3- Parenteral Insulin Preparation

4- Oral Allergen Extracts

5- Less commonly Used drugs

6- Selected Antihistamines

7- Selected Ophthalmic drugs

8- Selected Topical drugs

9- Selected Combination Antiviral drugs

10- Antineoplastic drugs

11- Antihypertensive drugs

12- Obstetrical drugs

13- Vitamins

14- Interferons

15- Compatible drugs in syringe

16- Drug formulas and calculations

17- Weights and equivalents

18- Doses for opioid agonists

19- Abbreviations

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Spencer T. said It was precisely what I required for my studies. It contains useful information about the medicine and any negative effects that may be related to it. However, certain medications aren’t on the list. This is a good book for people who are new to drugs.

Adam A. said It was in near-mint condition for a used item. I appreciate the seller’s honesty as well. The book arrived just as described. I intend to return in the future.

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