Abrams’ Clinical Drug Therapy for Nursing Practice 12th Edition

Abrams' Clinical Drug Therapy for Nursing Practice 12th Edition

Qualified nurses must have the knowledge of pharmacodynamics and kinetics of medications as it is so important because they are the nearest ones to patients, they are their first call so clinical drugs must be well known by them for more accurate doses and more benefits in general health. For its clear organization and approachable presentation, Abrams’ Clinical Drug Therapy for Nursing Practice 12th Edition PDF has been trusted by generations of nursing students and practicing nurses. It maintains a long legacy of guiding students and professors through the safe and effective administration of medications.


Features of Abrams’ Clinical Drug Therapy for Nursing Practice 12th Edition PDF

  • Prepared by Geralyn Frandsen, Professor of nursing, Catherine Mcauley school of nursing, and Sandra Smith, Professor of Nursing, Kentucky University.
  • The 12th edition comes at a critical juncture in health care worldwide even as health care was in transition due to changes in delivery, access, and economics, the global pandemic related to covid-19 shook traditional processes for everyone
  • It is an evidence-based edition as nurses are the primary administrators of medications in most settings every day so they must have a drug dictionary for actions and doses of medical

  • Varied goals and responsibilities inherent in safe medication administration are identified in each chapter as preventing the need for drug therapy when possible by promoting health and preventing conditions that require drug therapy, using non-pharmacologic interventions alone or in conjunction with drug therapy.
  • Organized design and framework, the ten sections of the book provide the reader with basic information about drug therapy as well as the administration of medications for the prevention and treatment of disease.
  • Each chapter opens with a case study, and its use throughout the chapter helps the reader integrate information about a particular disease and its drug therapy so he or she can apply it. The chapters also have NCLEX-style questions distributed throughout to test knowledge of the content and its application to patient care. This approach will help the reader prepare for class examinations as well as the NCLEX itself.

Contents of Abrams’ Clinical Drug Therapy for Nursing Practice 12th Edition

Section 1: The conceptual framework of pharmacology

  • The foundation of pharmacology: quality and safety
  • Basic concepts and processes
  • Medication administration and the nursing process of drug therapy

Section 2: Drug therapy throughout the lifespan

  • Pharmacology and the care of infants and pediatric patients
  • Pharmacology and the care of adults and geriatric patients
  • Pharmacology and the care of pregnant or lactating women
  • Pharmacology and women’s health
  • Pharmacology and men’s health

Section 3: drugs affecting the hematopoietic and immune system

  • Drug therapy for coagulation disorders
  • Drug therapy for dyslipidemia
  • Drug therapy for hematopoietic disorders
  • Drug therapy: immunization
  • Drug therapy to decrease immunity
  • Cancer treatment

Section 4: Drugs affect inflammation and infection

Section5: drugs affecting the cardiovascular system

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Our Thomas said  Required for the nursing program; thrilled to receive current version at a lower price in new condition; have already used book several times for pharmacology class; so happy I purchased because I received an A on my presentation because of having this book. Generic, brand name, classification, indications, action, pharmacokinetics, interactions, adverse effects, route/dosage, nursing implications, implementation, patient education, evaluation/desired outcomes, and contraindications/precautions are all listed.

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