Nursology in General Nursing First Edition PDF

Nursology in General Nursing First Edition PDF
Nursology in General Nursing

Nursing is an occupation that involves taking care of the sick, injured, incapacitated, and dying on a long-term basis. In hospital and community contexts, nursing is also responsible for promoting the health of individuals, families, and communities. Nurses are involved in health care research, management, policy debates, and patient advocacy on a daily basis. A highly skilled registered nurse directly affects the result of patient recovery as he is responsible for the timing of medication and physical care and observation of any disorder to tell the concerned doctor. Nursology in general nursing book is one of the greatest simple sources of nursing basics; it is more integrated and suitable to all scientific levels than any texts in the same field.


Nursology in General Nursing First Edition PDF:

  • Written by an experienced registered nurse specialized in ICU, Mr. Fathy Mohamed Elmatawy. He introduces a broad coverage of significant nursing topics stuff in collaboration with professors of faculty of medicine and nursing who shared their experience based on new updates and reliable scientific sources.
  • It is considered one of the most important and most comprehensive books in nursing, and it is a wonderful and distinctive book suitable for everyone, whether in intermediate nursing institutes, nursing colleges, or graduates.
  • The author tried to summarize the content of university education in summary, simple and more organized form to represent the essence of what is studied throughout the college years.
  • Combines in its style between Both Arabic and English languages, interested in both theoretical and practical aspects
  • It is written in both Arabic and English language to make things easier for Arab students and conduct the main lines of topics.
  • Most updated protocols of diagnosis and treatment lines are mentioned in a new way.
  • Common medical diagnoses from clinical pictures and investigations and major lines of treatment as it is medically or surgical, maternal-neonatal, and pediatric diagnosis.
  • Each chapter is containing a quick summary of headlights of the chapter, maps, and care plan components, with tips for creating individualized care, plans for the latest evidence-based standards of care.

Contents of Nursology in General Nursing First Edition Ebook:

Part1: Ethics and etiquette for the nursing profession

Part2: Medical terms

Part3: Prescription abbreviations

Part4: Beginnings and endings

Part5: anatomy

Part6: pharmacology

Part7: evaluating the patient

Part8: washing hands

Part9: Vital Signs

Part10: pipe installation

Part11: give solutions

Part12: cannula installation

Part13: give the injection

Part14: Pressure gauge

Part15: glucose measurement

Part16: Surgical Nursing

We Show Some Opinions of Book Users:

Adham Ali, an Egyptian student at the faculty of nursing, KFS university, said that book was very helpful for me during my clinical rounds, and it was so simple giving you the basics then the explanation of each step of the clinical process. It was my leader to emergency rooms love and promoting my skills to a better level.

Ali Fayez, an emergency registered nurse, said that this book was a great experience that I am using now in my first year of real work. It is really great and fundamental overall levels and topics. Clinical tricks are totally covered and mentioned in it.



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