Part 3 MRCOG: Your Essential Revision Guide 1st Edition PDF

Part 3 MRCOG Your Essential Revision Guide PDF
Part 3 MRCOG Your Essential Revision Guide

MRCOG is the symbol of the royal college of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the United Kingdom. It is the professional establishment for obstetricians and gynecologists doctors as it is completely responsible for the training of doctors after graduation, and conducts royal college membership of gynecologists. It is a top-ranked medical license for overseas doctors that gives you full permission for GMC registration. It is like an ambitious step in your medical career. As a gynecologist, you have to handle a very strong preparation source to pass both parts of MRCOG in a fine score to be certified. Part 3 MRCOG: Your Essential Revision Guide is a comprehensive, integrated source for high-yield content which is the basic points of exam questions in the last part of the exam.


Features of Part 3 MRCOG: Your Essential Revision Guide 1st Edition PDF:

  • Written by Lisa Joels and Edmund Nele, experienced Consultants Obstetrician and Gynecologist with the Royal Devon at NHS Foundation, they are participating in the development of the new system of MRCOG part 3 examination.
  • This text is fundamental reading for any student preparing to take the exam. The authors clearly cover the breadth and depth of the modules of the curriculum and the professional tricks that will be ranked in the five clinical skills on skills scale domains.
  • Written examples of each module, links to eight videos of candidates attempting four real Part 3 assignments, examiners’ comments, and a full discussion of each example are all included in the text.
  • The course will assist learners in understanding what is required to pass the exam and how to best demonstrate their knowledge and skills; it will also be suitable for trainers preparing their trainees for the new exam.
  • There are practical recommendations for doctors and obstetricians at all levels here, based on the principles of good medical practice.
  • The new updated collection comes more integrated and wide and covers all different exam topics that questions came from before.

Contents of Part 3 MRCOG: Your Essential Revision Guide 1st Edition eBook:

Part1: The Part 3 Clinical Assessment in the Context of the MRCOG Examination

1.1-The Format of the MRCOG Examination

1.2-The Knowledge and Skills Being Assessed in the Part 3 MRCOG Examination

1.3- Practical Arrangements

1.4- Simulated Patient or Colleague Tasks

1.5- Structured Discussion Tasks

1.6- Linked Tasks

1.7- Examiners

1.8- The Examination Blueprint

1.9-Standard Setting

1.10- Quality Assurance

1.11- Why Do Candidates Fail the Part 3 Exam

1.12- Additional Resources

Part2: Core Clinical Skills

2.1- Patient Safety

2.2- Communication with Patients and Families

2.3- Communication with Colleagues

2.4- Information Gathering

2.5- Applied Clinical Knowledge

2.6- Conclusions

2.7- Additional Resources

Part3: The Modules of the Curriculum Assessed in the Part 3 Exam

3.1- Introduction

3.2- How to Approach this Chapter

3.3- Module 1: Teaching

3.4- Module 2: Core Surgical Skills

3.5- Module 3: Post-Operative Care

3.6- Module 4: Antenatal Care

3.7- Module 5: Maternal Medicine

3.8- Module 6: Management of Labour

3.9- Module 7: Management of Delivery

3.10- Module 8: Postpartum Problems (The Puerperium

3.11- Module 9: Gynaecological Problems

3.12- Module 10: Subfertility

3.13- Module 11: Sexual and Reproductive Health

3.14- Module 12: Early Pregnancy Care

3.15- Module 13: Gynaecological Oncology

3.16- Module 14: Urogynaecology and Pelvic Floor Problems

3.17- Summary

part4: Tips for Candidates

4.1- Don’t Panic

4.2- Read the Question

4.3- Body Language

4.4- Listen to the Actor’s Questions

4.5- If There are Props, Use Them

4.6- Drawings

4.7- Don’t Point to Yourself

4.8- Euphemisms

4.9- Resilience

4.10- Practice: Find an Exam Buddy

4.11- Courses

4.12- Look After Yourself

part5: Practice Tasks with Videos

5.1- Task 1: Meconium Stained Liquor (Simulated Patient Task

5.2- Task 2: Tutorial on Electrosurgery (Structured Discussion Task

5.3- Task 3: Teaching Ventouse Delivery (Simulated Colleague Task

5.4- Task 4: Retained Swab (Simulated Patient task

part6: Revision Resources

6.1- Breadth Versus Depth

6.2- Recent Publications

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