Oxford Professional Handbook of Patient Safety PDF

Oxford Professional Handbook of Patient Safety PDF

Keeping the patients they treat safe and secure is a challenge that doctors encounter every day. Although it is still a young subject of research, patient safety is growing and there is a greater grasp of what is required to gauge and accomplish patient safety.  Oxford Professional Handbook of Patient Safety PDF will give doctors, nurses, and other professionals the tools they need to create safe clinical procedures that allow for proactive risk management and minimization, preventing injury to patients during clinical care. It explains the need for patient safety, the scientific ideas that underpin it, and finally the do-it-yourself strategies those frontline employees can employ regularly to lessen injury.


Features of Oxford Professional Handbook of Patient Safety PDF

  • Prepared by Peter Lachman, the leader of the quality department, Royal College of Physicians, Ireland, and Dr. Anita Jayadev, a qualified developer of many projects related to quality improvement, and Dr. John Brennan, clinical diploma of quality improvement.
  • This textbook aims to address the gap by laying out the components of patient safety in a readable, yet comprehensive fashion, in a practical work of reference for anyone involved in healthcare.

  • Chapters include straightforward solutions that can be adopted and practiced even in low-resource environments; these solutions include details of the process, hygiene, medication safety, and communication.
  • Explains patient safety theory in simple terms to help clinicians practice safely, and provides day-to-day practical approaches to improve care depending on the WHO patient safety curriculum
  • Provides summaries of clinical applications with key points of all major topics.
  • This handbook, which is pocket-sized and useful, is the perfect resource for frontline employees, trainees, and other associated professionals in the interest of patient safety. This book will demystify a subject that is frequently perceived as being complex and aid physicians in understanding the procedures required to deliver safe care.

Contents of Oxford Professional Handbook of Patient Safety PDF

  • Introduction to the science and theory of patient safety
  • Practical application and methodologies of patient safety
  • Translating theories into clinical practice
  • Index

We show some opinions of the book readers

This is without a doubt the most succinct review of patient safety medicine for residents, nurses and doctors, according to Frank Y. The chapters have wonderful pictures and are simple to read. This most recent edition’s writing style ought to be the standard for all medical literature. The expense was very worthwhile. Compared to Up-to-Date, it is far more informational and easy to read. It’s from Best Buy.

“This pocket guide to patient safety development is quite good. In-depth updates make this version a fantastic resource for both doctors and nurses. Ronald N Cohen

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