How to Book for IFOM Exam and How to Cancel it ?

How to Book for IFOM Exam and How to Cancel it

For Those Who Want to Book for IFOM Exam

First, you will make an account without any password first on the NBME website and they will send you a welcoming email.

In this email, you will find

” To get started, go to and login with username:….”

You have to click on that username as it will direct you to the password page for your account


Then after that, you will go for the main website and look for the IFOM & USMLE in the Student & Residents section on the left.


After reading the page, at the bottom, you will find a register box


After you click on it, it will open a second page with what exam you want to register for and you have to add the IFOM CSE to the cart then some sections will open so that you can fill in your info such as your name, your degree, Etc. and press next, next…

then you will save them and it will transfer you to a window with your cart info and you will press checkout to enter your visa card info.


After finishing the payment process, they will send you an email with a link to download what it’s called ” STATUS VERIFICATION FORM ” you will find it in the order details section


After downloading the form, you have to send it to your medical supervisor who is responsible for the international exams in your university with your info. Then he/she will know what to do and confirm your info then send it back to NBME.


After 1-3 weeks they will send you an email so you can choose a time and place for your exam.


I know it’s hard to do that on your own but I think this is more than enough explanation for how to register.


Now How to Cancel the IFOM?


First, send them an email to [email protected]  . saying that you want to cancel your exam with your exam details (confirmation number, your name, which country… etc.)


Then, they will send you an email saying. Are you sure that you want to cancel with three options to choose from at the end of the email?


Then after choosing ” Yes, please cancel” they will send to you another email with the same options just to make sure


After you confirm your cancelation, they will send you an email about the REFUND process and how many days it will takes ” about 7-12 days”

I think this explanation is more than enough too 😁

Good Luck 👍

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