Critical Concept Mastery Series: Acid-Base Disturbance Cases 1st Edition PDF

Critical Concept Mastery Series Acid-Base Disturbance Cases 1st Edition Free PDF

The balance between hydrogen ion input (intake and generation) and output (elimination) is referred to as the acid-base balance. The body is in specific homeostasis of electrolytes concentrations. It has an open system in equilibrium with alveolar air, with carbon dioxide partial pressure pCO2 equal to carbon dioxide tension in the blood. Critical Concept Mastery Series: Acid-Base Disturbance Cases is a tremendous introducing case series of different fields; acid-base disturbance cases is a newly published book that presents about 75 cases of electrolytes disturbance.


Features of Critical Concept Mastery Series: Acid-Base Disturbance Cases 1st Edition Free PDF.

  • Prepared by Zachary R. Healy, department of critical care medicine, Duke University in Durham, NC.
  • The New edition of the concept mastery series gives excellent coverage of clinical applications of the topics.
  • It is built on the most efficient method of understanding and interpreting cases to establish steps of study and analysis; the text is interlaced with didactic explanations of the fundamental types and aspects of acid-base imbalances.

  • Internal Medicine Residents, Nurse Practitioners, and Emergency Medicine Residents will benefit from this course. It’s jam-packed with tables and rationales that explain both correct and erroneous responses.
  • A comprehensive collection of clinical acid-base cases is meant to sharpen clinical skills in evaluating these disorders
  • Targeting to enhancing your tricks knowledge for evaluation of acute, chronic, primary, and secondary acid-base disturbances as well as approaches to identify the underlying etiologies
  • It provides cases with a level of complexity that would appeal to medical students, residents, and fellows. It will intermittently include questions regarding the most appropriate treatment of patients.

Contents of Critical Concept Mastery Series: Acid-Base Disturbance Cases 1st Edition Ebook.

1- Case 1

2- Case 2

3- Case 3

4- Case 4

5- Case 5

6- Case 6

7- Case 7

8- Case 8

9- Case 9

10- Case 10

11- Case11

12- Case12

13- Case13

14- Case14

15- Case15

16- Case16

17- Case17

18- Case18

19- Case19

20- Case20

21- Case21

22- Case22

23- Case23

24- Case24

25- Case25

26- Case26

27- Case27

28- Case28

29- Case29

30- Case30

31- Case31

32- Case32

33- Case33

34- Case34

35- Case35

36- Case36

37- Case37

38- Case38

39- Case39

40- Case40

41- Case41

42- Case42

43- Case43

44- Case44

45- Case45

46- Case46

47- Case47

48- Case48

49- Case49

50- Case50

51- Case51

52- Case52

53- Case53

54- Case54

55- Case55

56- Case56

57- Case57

58- Case58

59- Case59

60- Case60

61- Case61

62- Case62

63- Case63

64- Case64

65- Case65

66- Case66

67- Case67

68- Case68

69- Case69

70- Case70

71- Case71

72- Case72

73- Case73

74- Case74

75- Case75

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Ronny Acosta said that book was purchased to assist him in passing my test, and it did so. The types of questions were highly comparable to the kinds of questions on my paper test. The information in this book refreshed my memory and explained why each response was given. Not only that, but the questions in that book that I did get wrong let you comprehend why you got it wrong and why the answer was what it was. When he initially started reading it, he noticed that some elements were not covered in my lesson, but it felt like it was filling in the gaps that my teacher had either forgotten or overlooked.

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