Emergency Drugs in Paediatrics 2022 PDF

Emergency Drugs in Paediatrics PDF 2022

A specially created reference for paediatric specialists and residents is the Emergency Drugs in Paediatrics 2022 Handbook PDF. In a clear and brief structure, only the information necessary at the time of emergency is given. To prevent typical dosing mistakes encountered in prescriptions, crucial paediatric safety issues have been carefully incorporated throughout the language. Contains approximately 500 paediatric drugs with recommended dosage schedules for the most typical and emergent conditions for which they are prescribed.


Features of Emergency Drugs in Paediatrics 2022 PDF

  • Prepared by Dr. Ahmed Mamdouh Abdelaziz, Paediatrics specialist, Cairo, Egypt.
  • The paediatrician, physician-in-training, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, paediatric nurse, and pharmacist should all have a copy of this indispensable pocket reference.
  • This pocket guide was created to give paediatric prescribers an easy-to-read dose reference at the time of prescription. It is not meant to help with drug selection, offer information on drug-drug interactions, or provide pharmacokinetic data; those things should be done with the help of other, more suitable sites.

  • The subject matter focuses especially on guided dosing for the most typical indications and drugs used most frequently in paediatrics.
  • To help with the challenge of the particular problems related to paediatric medicine administration, the Paediatric Prescriber’s Handbook offers guided dosing. Most paediatric drugs are weight-based and require manipulation or dilution of commercially available pharmaceuticals meant for use in adult patients, in contrast to adult medicine, which usually employs fixed dose.
  • The framework of guided dosing, which includes initial dosing, suggested titration intervals, as well as maximum and maintenance doses, uses weight-based dosing, or “mg/kg/dose.” In order to avoid prescribing more than the “Adult starting dose” or “Adult Max dose,” it gives references. Adult dosages (mg/dose) should not be higher than paediatric dosages (mg/kg/dose). These “visual” reference points will act as an additional check and help prevent 10-fold calculation mistakes.

Contents of Emergency Drugs in Paediatrics 2022

1- Pediatric drug forms

2- Calculations

3- Inotropes

4- Adrenaline


5- Noradrenaline

6- Dopamine

7- Dobutamine

8- Milrinone

9- Terlipressin

10- Alprostadil

11- Antifailure drugs

12- Furosemide

13- Spironolactone

14- Antiarrhythmic drugs

15- Adenosine

16- Amiodarone

17- Atropine

18- Propranolol

19- CNS drugs

20- Phenytoin

21- Midazolam

22- Fentanyl

23- Morphine

24- Ketamine

25- Fluids/electrolytes

26- Isotonic saline

27- Hypertonic saline

28- Mannitol

29- Dextrose

30- Magnesium sulphate

31- Calcium gluconate

32- Potassium chloride

33- Bicarbonate sodium

34- Corticosteroids

35- Dexamethasone

36- Hydrocortisone

37- Methylprednisolone

38- Acid-base

39- Mechanical ventilation

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Mahmoud Sabri said The Paediatric Prescriber’s Handbook is the book that could perhaps prevent your children from taking the incorrect medication, getting sick, or worse. If you have children and are unsure of the various [many] medication versions available, you need this book. The Paediatric Prescriber’s Handbook was created with doctors and parents as its primary users because of how very helpful it is.

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