Introductory Guide to Cardiac CT Imaging PDF 1st Edition

Introductory Guide to Cardiac CT Imaging PDF 1st Edition

Cardiac imaging is a diagnostic radiology specialization. A cardiac radiologist supervises or performs medical imaging and then interprets the results to identify heart disorders such as heart disease, leaky heart valves, and heart size and shape problems. Cardiac CT Imaging is one of the most essential tools for clinical diagnosis so Introductory Guide to Cardiac CT Imaging PDF 1st Edition is a fundamental and comprehensive source for Cardiac imaging techniques and disorders imaging and diagnosis.


Features of Introductory Guide to Cardiac CT Imaging PDF 1st Edition

  • Prepared by Ragavendra R. Baliga, Professor of cardiology and cardiac imaging, Ohio State University.
  • Cardiac CT has recently emerged as an important diagnostic tool in the armamentarium of a practicing physician. With the development of ultrafast CT scanners and innovative techniques to minimize radiation exposure
  • This book serves to provide essential knowledge to the practicing physician who desires a rapid overview of this modality.

  • The content in this book is unique in that the contributors are not only cardiologists who interpret and perform cardiac CT procedures but also those who regularly utilize this technique in their clinical practice
  • This unique perspective should provide a more comprehensive approach to those who are planning to increasingly utilize cardiac CT in their practice
  • This handbook provides an excellent introduction to cardiac CT imaging and CT angiography for residents, fellows, and practicing physicians.
  • The book describes the use of CT for specific disorders such as peripheral vascular disease and congenital heart disease, as well as the newest knowledge on its indications and limits.
  • It includes chapters on coronary CT angiography, peripheral CT angiography, and cardiac CT from the viewpoints of interventionists, electrophysiologists, and cardiac surgeons.

Contents of Introductory Guide to Cardiac CT Imaging PDF 1st Edition

  • Indications
  • Calcium scoring
  • How to perform cardiac CT angiography
  • An interventional cardiologist’s perspective on coronary CT angiography
  • CT angiography of the peripheral arteries: the interventionists perspective
  • An electrophysiologist’s perspective on coronary CT angiography
  • A cardiac surgeon’s perspective
  • How to set up a cardiac CT lab
  • Appendices

We show some opinions of the book users

  1. S. said I purchased this book because I had heard of Budoff and ended up taking Rumberger’s course. The book was comprehensive but brief, easy to read but with complex topic content. My friend had purchased a different CT book, but he ended up reading mine since he preferred it. I would strongly suggest the book. The book will also assist you in completing Level II training.

2. Dr. ME said in the realm of cardiology, the wave of cardiac CT is gaining traction. It has the potential to transform standard cardiology practice, notably in the management of patients with subclinical and clinical coronary artery disease. Cardiovascular professionals who don’t want to be left behind are scrambling to acquire the necessary knowledge and technologies. Dr. Budoff and his colleagues, most of whom I know through their exceptional research, give early adopters a hand in this book. The book is a comprehensive, up-to-date review of the subject. It also goes over related cardiovascular MRI and nuclear imaging applications. I found the book’s CD accompaniment to be useful.

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