Paramedic Flashcard Book 2nd Edition PDF

Paramedic Flashcard Book PDF 2nd Edition.

A paramedic is a medical care specialist who works in the healthcare field. His job is generally in the emergency medicine department, ambulatory services, ICU critical care department, and other departments before the patient is admitted to the hospital or outside the hospital or hospital environment. He works mainly as part of the emergency medical services. You have to pass the EMT test successfully to be a paramedic, so Paramedic Flashcard Book 2nd Edition is the most integrated and comprehensive source for exam preparation and a high success rate.


Features of Paramedic Flashcard Book 2nd Edition PDF

  • Prepared by Dr. Jeffrey Lindsey, who has 30 years of experience in emergency services and is a lecturer of the emergency program, Florida University.
  • Our experienced EMT author explains the framework of the NREMT Certification Exam, so you know what to expect on test day. He also goes through various question-level tactics and demonstrates the best approach to respond to them. You can improve your exam scores by following our professional guidance and ideas for each section.
  • Knowing the correct medical language can significantly improve your test result. That’s why we go through over 400 EMT words that you should know before taking your exam.
  • Anyone studying for the NREMT Paramedic Exam will benefit from REA’s Paramedic Flashcard Book. It provides all of the knowledge you’ll need to pass the exam and begin your career as an EMS provider.

  • Three hundred fifty questions based on actual exam subjects, such as airway and breathing, cardiology, legal, medical, obstetrics and pediatrics, scene size-up, and trauma, are included in the flashcards. Each card has subject icons to help you review specific exam topics.
  • Our flashcards are bound in an organized, portable book that makes studying a breeze, unlike other flashcards that arrive loose in a box. Our straightforward question and answer structure makes it simple to locate the correct answer, and we explain why the solution is accurate in detail.
  • Go online and take a 100-question practice test after reviewing the flashcards in the book. Automatic scoring timed testing circumstances and diagnostic feedback are included in this test to help you analyze your knowledge and pinpoint the areas where you should spend more time studying.

Contents of Paramedic Flashcard Book 2nd Edition.

More than 350 questions based on actual exam subjects like:

  • airway and breathing
  • cardiology
  • legal
  • medical

  • obstetrics
  • pediatrics
  • scene size-up
  • trauma

We show some opinions of the book users.

Down Ashley said this study guide is quite helpful. I’ve recommended this study source to many folks. It is the easiest way to kill the exam.

Charlie B said I took the NREMT at the last possible moment and got a perfect score. Having this book and pocket prep at my disposal significantly assisted my study and, in my opinion, directly contributed to my passing. It was great to have the rationale as a reminder, and it was even better to be able to open to any page and give myself random “quizzes. I’ll be passing this along to friends preparing for the NREMT, and I highly recommend it as a supplement to your study materials.

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