Radiographic Imaging and Exposure 6th Edition PDF

Master the radiography skills required to consistently produce high-quality photos! Radiographic Imaging and Exposure, Radiographic Imaging and Exposure 6th Edition PDF explain exposure procedures as well as how to acquire, analyze, and show digital images in an easy-to-understand manner. This book not only assists you in reducing the need for repeat photographs but also contains troubleshooting recommendations.


Features of Radiographic Imaging and Exposure 6th Edition PDF

  • Written by acclaimed educator Terri L. Fauber, also covers the necessary knowledge for passing the ARRT certification exam.
  • Digital radiography is covered in-depth, including how to acquire, process, and show digital images, as well as critical data management topics.
  • The knowledge you need to become a good radiographer comes from a straightforward focus on imaging and exposure.
  • The content is easily accessible thanks to the content’s concise, easy-to-understand language style.
  • Patient Protection Alerts explain how radiographers can control the variables that affect patient exposure.
  • The Relationships section summarizes the links between radiographic concepts, emphasizing how they interact.

  • The sections on Mathematical Applications illustrate how mathematical concepts and formulas are used in healthcare settings.
  • At the end of each chapter, bulleted summaries provide a rapid refresher of key concepts.
  • Important Relationships, Mathematical Applications, and Patient Protection Alerts are among the useful appendices that provide quick access to key concepts and formulas.
  • A glossary of essential phrases clarifies terminology that is used throughout the text.
  • The text’s page number references are supplied at the foot of each positioning page to make it easy to jump back and forth between the texts for more information on a specific position.
  • Additional quick-reference information on patient dose, abbreviations and acronyms, and numerous conversion charts can be found in the appendices, allowing you to rapidly discover the crucial information.

Contents of Radiographic Imaging and Exposure 6th Edition

  • Radiation and Its Discovery
  • The X-ray Beam
  • Image Formation and Radiographic Quality
  • Digital Image Characteristics, Receptors, and Image Acquisition
  • Digital Image Processing, Display, and Data Management
  • Exposure Technique Factors
  • Scatter Control
  • Exposure Technique Selection
  • Film-Screen Imaging

  • Dynamic Imaging: Fluoroscopy
  • Appendix A Summary of Important Relationships
  • Appendix B Summary of Mathematical Applications
  • Appendix C Summary of Radiation Protection Alerts

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Blessed kay said this manual was purchased in case I ever needed to review any unique viewpoints. I like how there are photographs throughout the book so you can see what it’s intended to look like. This little, handy book contains all of the information you want. I would suggest it.

Kristine Sano said this pocket-sized book is practical and concise. I graduated in 2020, and the information is current and correct. It is also less expensive than most pocket-sized handbooks. This is useful for students and professionals in the field of radiology. It’s critical to have a reference on hand at all times.

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