Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery 2-volume Set 11th Edition PDF Free Download

Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery 2-volume Set 11th Edition PDF

Surgery is considered one of the two major lines of clinical medicine; the surgeon is the doctor who is concerned with doing manual and instrumental operations to discover a pathological disorder like a diseased or injured organ or repairing ruptured or non-functioning parts. Schwartz’s principles of surgery pdf are the golden source of clinically applied anatomy, basics of surgery, and surgical techniques for more than fifty years. It is the most integrated handle of surgery basics, covering all surgical procedures beginning with entry-level to advanced maneuvers and techniques. 

Features of Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery 2-volume Set 11th Edition PDF:

  • Written by professor F. Charles Brunicardi, a landmark name in the surgery field. He updated the 11th edition with all new operations techniques and new guidelines of lines of treatment. 
  • Comprehensive and integrated textbook covering all topics of surgery from general to sub-specialty surgeries 
  • New chapters are added, especially on evidence-based surgical care, communication skills, outpatient surgery, stimulated recovery after surgery, online education, and social media effect. 
  • Sharing of experience of many professors around the world in the updating process of the content of the 11th edition makes it a golden source for all doctors in emergency and surgery specialties
  • The new easy, flexible design of pages makes reaching and arrangement of information accessible and more beneficial.
  • High-quality case images and illustrations supported by mind maps for complicated steps.
  • Text is arranged according to body systems, concentrated on high yield discussion of diagnosis and investigation of clinical cases and treatment of different diseases with surgical ways. 
  • Many new to this edition are the acclaimed learning aids, such as an abundance of completely up-to-date tables that summarize the most recent data, boxed key points, detailed anatomical statistics, diagnostic and management algorithms, and an abundance of completely up-to-date tables and key references.  
  • It is suitable to be the leading source for medical students, GP doctors, residents, and surgeons


Contents of Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery 2-volume Set 11th Edition Ebook:

Part1: Basic considerations

  1. Leadership
  2. Systemic response to disorders
  3. Electrolyte management
  4. Homeostasis
  5. Shock
  6. Surgical infections
  7. Trauma
  8. Burns
  9. Wound Healing 
  10. Oncology
  11. Transplantation
  12. Quality and patient safety
  13. Monitoring
  14. Robotic surgery
  15. Laparoscopic surgery
  16. Molecular biology

Part2: Specific considerations

  1. Skin 
  2. Breast
  3. Head and Neck
  4. Chest
  5. Heart
  6. Aortic diseases
  7. Arterial diseases
  8. Venous and lymphatic diseases
  9. Esophagus and diaphragmatic hernia
  10. Stomach
  11. Obesity
  12. Intestine
  13. Appendix
  14. Liver
  15. Gallbladder
  16. Pancreas
  17. Spleen
  18. Abdominal Wall
  19. Soft tissues sarcoma
  20. Inguinal hernias
  21. Thyroid
  22. Pediatric
  23. Gynecology
  24. Urology
  25. Neurosurgery
  26. Orthopedic
  27. Hand
  28. Reconstructive
  29. Ethics
  30. Global surgery
  31. Ambulatory surgery
  32. Medical skills


We Show Some Opinions of Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery 2-volume Set 11th Edition:

Sara Bakshai, an international surgery resident, expressed that she had only read about 75% of it, so she had to offer her ratings and opinions.

She couldn’t finish this fantastic book this time, but she intended to read the rest of it during her residency. In this area, she was currently reading other summarized, more generalized books. This book had the best surgical procedure pictures and just enough information on diagnosis features and signs and symptoms. 

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