Mastering Auscultation CD An Audio Tour to Cardiac Diagnosis

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Mastering Auscultation CD
An Audio Tour to Cardiac Diagnosis

Mastering Auscultation CD


Improve your clinical acumen as you develop the listening skills to diagnose heart sounds and murmurs with confidence using MASTERING AUSCULTATION: An Audio tour to Cardiac Diagnosis. Master Teacher, T. Anthony Don Michael, M.D. showcases his patented ‘cardiophonetic’ approach to recognize and recall 100 heart sounds and murmurs in this breakthrough, multimedia CD-ROM. You will hear actual heart sounds as they are listened to through the stethescope and reinforce your learning with a battery of clinical cases.

Remarkably easy-to-use, MASTERING AUSCULTATION let’s you review heart sounds and murmurs at your own pace in a tutorial mode, by clinical condition (heart failure, congenital heart disease, etc) or via clinical case studies that fully reinforce your diagnostic skills.


Hearing is believing! Match the actual heart sounds you hear at the bedside with those presented on MASTERING AUSCULTATION. Simply place your stethoscope on your laptop’s speaker and listen to heart sounds without amplification or unnecessary embellishment – just like you find in the clinical experience.

File Size: 119 MB

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