8 Months USMLE Step 1 Experience Score [PASS]

8 Months USMLE Step 1 Experience 2023 Score [PASS].
Preparation Period: Total time 1.5 years
Dedicated time: 8 months
I did BNB all videos,
Then started Uworld, 40 questions a day System-Wise.
Made notes on the First Aid book and also in Uworld Topic-Wise, In the end, I couldn’t get much Time to go through Uworld notes.
So I would advise everyone to just do BnB only for the topics you don’t understand
The whole exam was from First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 book. Memorise First Aid and you should know the concept behind everything that’s written which is provided by Uworld Qbank. Basically, First Aid and Uworld are the only two resources you should use.
Biostatistics was weak.
Ethics do it very carefully as I had 40 questions from Ethics and you find two options really close. Dirty medicine Ethics were good.
In biochemistry you need to memorize everything, First Aid is enough if you don’t understand anything do BNB videos.
For Microbiology do  SKETCHY SKETCHY I literally could recall the pictures only.
Don’t waste time on Kaplan Videos as I did them but I didn’t remember anything when I started Uworld.
For General Pathology I did from Pathoma 1st three chapters more than enough, no need to do it from 1st aid except for the wound healing part and tumor markers.
For Immunology, First Aid only. Along with Uworld concepts
I would advise everyone to note down everything they find useful in short sentences on the First Aid 2023 e-book because at the end you don’t find time to go through Uworld step 1 Qbank.
I wasted a lot of time doing BNB videos, so for beginners, start the First Aid book and Uworld from the start. Uworld clears each and every concept written on First Aid, No need for BNB videos for all topics only the ones you do not understand.
Determination is really important. Everyone told me to delay the exam, as I did only one pass of Uworld and NBME scores were low as well, But I was losing my stamina so I didn’t delay and gave

NBMEs Score:

  1. NBME 26 62 percent
  2. NBME 27 65 percent
  3. NMBE 28 68 percent

Download All NBMEs for Step 1 

I didn’t have time to do NMBE 29, 30
Gave free 120 online which helped me a lot as my exam anxiety fell from 100 to 20 percent on the real deal. It helps you know the place of your exam and builds confidence also. Got 60 percent on that too. The exam seemed tough but doable
But please do Pharma and Biostat beforehand because, in the end, you are so exhausted you don’t feel like doing it.
If any queries DM me
Good luck

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