AMBOSS USMLE Step 1 Qbank 2022 PDF

AMBOSS is an online corporation that introduces high-yield question banks and about 15000 medical informative articles. It is a medical learning network that enables students worldwide to study more effectively and achieve higher exam scores. AMBOSS USMLE Step 1 Qbank 2022 PDF uses intelligent learning features to direct you through your studies and into your medical career. It was designed and curated by over 60 foreign physicians. It makes your knowledge more systematic and increases clinical sense by using keywords and applied clinical case examples.


Features of AMBOSS USMLE Step 1 Qbank PDF 2022

  • AMBOSS was considered one of the most widespread sources of study for the three steps exams, it provides about 2650 questions on step 1 and about 2400 questions on Step 2 CK, and about 800 supplementary questions based on the same rules and targeted goals of real exam questions to help you information your mode of thinking, collection of system questions to test yourself part by part, it is your guide for +250 score.
  • You can depend on AMBOSS throughout your whole medical school to anchor and link your information with fundamental applied cases.
  • It is an intelligent online system built on giving hints and concise definitions; by clicking on any word, it leads you to detailed ideal definitions and explanations.
  • The system permits you to look at reports and articles while doing questions and further selecting sentences to take notes

  • AMBOSS style of questions presentation is unique as you can choose blocks manually or randomized to refresh your memory in the best acceptable way
  • More than 2500 MCQS of step one model questions with detailed answers for each one and each correct or wrong answer to help you organize your head and your mode of thinking
  • Highlighting tools introduce all required information in step one and the basic information you need in your revision state

  Contents of AMBOSS USMLE Step 1 Qbank PDF 2022

  • Behavioral health 3 blocks
  • Biostatistics, epidemiology, population health 2 blocks
  • Blood, lymphoreticular system 5 blocks
  • Cardiovascular system 7 blocks
  • Endocrine system 4 blocks
  • Female reproductive system, breast 3 blocks
  • Gastrointestinal system 6 blocks
  • General principles of foundational science 8 blocks
  • Immune system 4 blocks
  • Male reproductive system 2 blocks

  • Multisystem process, disorders 5 blocks
  • Musculoskeletal system 4 blocks
  • Nervous system special senses 8 blocks
  • Pregnancy, childbirth 2 blocks
  • Renal, urinary system 4 blocks
  • Respiratory system 5 blocks
  • Skin subcutaneous tissue 3 blocks
  • Social sciences 2 blocks

We show some opinions of the book readers

Michael Wanis, an international medical student, said, “AMBOSS is a fantastic service; the material is relevant and concise. The question bank is extensive, and you can access both fundamental sciences (STEP 1) and clinical sciences for a low price (-). Most importantly, their customer support is outstanding.

Michael McClurkin, Harvard Medical School, said, “The suggestions for illustrating and paying attention are great. They are a positive step toward encouraging critical thinking.”

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