How to Request a Medical Book on MedbooksVN

Recently, we received a lot of book requests through Facebook page, messenger, email, comment… and everywhere that readers are able to post. Unluckily, these requests have come in many different ways, by variable methods and several of them are unclear,  so that we can’t manage them all. Actually we missed a lot of requests.


We don’t want to let you down, so this topic created to help you get the book you need easier. Not guaranteed, but we will try our best to get the download link for you.

Please note that we will ignore every non-specific requests like “biology books”, “any books regarding hemodialysis”. You can request a book is already on our site but the download link was broken.

Kindly follow this link then fill in a google form to give us your request.


Get Direct Google Drive link For Any Medical Books.

Thanks for being our reader,

MedbooksVN team

Please see our responses by following this link: