Netter’s Essential Physiology PDF 2nd Edition

Netter's Essential Physiology PDF 2nd Edition

Human physiology is one of the most fundamental and essential medical branches which you need to know well first before you can go to medicine and surgery as it concerns the study of body functions at all levels in a complementary format of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and physics with a true appreciation of physiological concepts requires multiple learning modalities. Netter’s Essential Physiology PDF 2nd Edition is prepared in a concise, illustrated, and highlighted text to make students focus the students’ efforts on understanding essential principles and foundations.


Features of Netter’s Essential Physiology 2nd Edition PDF

  • Prepared by Professors Susan Mulroney, Professor of Physiology, Georgetown University Medical Centre, and Adam Mayers, Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology.
  • It’s perfect for a fundamental understanding of physiology, as an overview of the subject, or as a supplement to lectures because it’s logically structured and highly accessible.

  • This new edition is organized in the classical order in which sub-disciplines of physiology are taught. Beginning with fluid compartments, transport mechanisms, and cell physiology, it progresses through neurophysiology, cardiovascular physiology, the respiratory system, the renal system, the gastrointestinal and endocrinology.
  • Ideal for visual learning, as each section, is thoroughly illustrated with the great drawings of the late Frank Netter.
  • New content is added to the new edition with clarification of some parts of the first edition, in addition to some clinical core relations to help reinforce the material and provide pathophysiological context.
  • The building of the book is depending on the modern connections between physiology, cell biology, and anatomy, so the authors introduce more illustrations of anatomy and histology.
  • Netters Flashcards are distinguished by beautifully clear graphics and diagrams that highlight essential concepts and help you visualize the subject.
  • Self-assessment review questions at the end of each chapter help you speed up the learning process.
  • Immunology is well-covered thanks to a new chapter on blood.
  • More “light bulb” boxes provide additional context by highlighting relevant aspects or examples.
  • The substance of a growing number of clinical correlations includes pathophysiology.

Contents of Netter’s Essential Physiology PDF 2nd Edition

  • Cell physiology, fluid homeostasis, and membrane transport
  • The nervous system and muscle
  • Cardiovascular physiology
  • Respiratory physiology

  • Renal physiology
  • Gastrointestinal physiology
  • Endocrine physiology
  • Review questions
  • Answers
  • Appendix

We show some opinions of the book users

Farida B. said I enjoy this book, however, I wish it had more substance, such as epithelial tissues and skin, which our class discusses but this book does not. However, I adore the remainder of this book; it’s fascinating to read on its own, and it’s a wonderful addition to my library! I hope they develop more affordable textbooks as well, but it’s well worth it.

Evan Price said as expected from Netter, the illustrations are fantastic. The pictures and text do an excellent job of giving the pupil the large picture and a solid foundation on which to grow.

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