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Complementing the British National Formulary guidelines, the third edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy continues the essential guide to clinical pharmacy, providing all the information needed for training and student pharmacists. It offers handy, useful guidance in a quick-reference, bullet-point format to give the reader the information and courage needed to provide a clinical pharmacy aid.

Features of Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy Third Edition:

1-This extensively revised edition to the bestselling Oxford Handbook series is the fundamental pharmacy reference tool, including crucial information on controlled drugs, adverse drug reactions, interactions, communication skills, and confidentiality. 

2-It highlights chapters on adherence, clinical trials, anaphylaxis, herbal medicines, patient management, palliative care, pharmaceutical calculations, research, policy, and therapy-related problems.

3-Completely revised and renewed, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy covers brand new topics, including health coaching, residency and on-call, HIV and TB and mental health.


Contents of Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy Third Edition:

1- Adherence
2- Adverse drug reactions and drug interactions
4-Clinical pharmacy skills
5- Clinical trials
6- Controlled drugs
7- Evidence-based medicine
8- Herbal medicines
9- Medical gases
10- Patient management issues
11- Patient-specific issues
12- Pharmaceutical calculations
13 Medicines management
14- Research
15- Therapy-related issues: gastrointestinal
16- Therapy-related issues: cardiovascular system
17- Therapy-related issues: respiratory system
18- Therapy-related issues: central nervous system
19- Therapy-related issues: infections
20- Therapy-related issues: endocrine
21- Therapy-related issues: obstetrics and gynaecology
22- Therapy-related issues: malignant diseases and immunosuppression
23- Therapy-related issues: nutrition and blood
24- Therapy-related issues: musculoskeletal
25- Therapy-related issues: skin
26- Therapy-related issues: palliative care
27- Therapy-related issues: miscellaneous
Appendix: Supplementary data

Review from the previous version: “this book is an great and well-written addition to the Oxford Handbooks series, and will show useful, particularly for those pharmacists and scholars developing skills and expertise in patient-orientated pharmacy.”

–British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

“I would completely recommend this text for acquiring by students and practising pharmacists identical.”

–The Pharmaceutical Journal

“For both the recently passed and the more skilled pharmacist, in hospital or community, this honestly priced and useful compilation, light in weight but durably bound, should find a place alongside the BNF next to the dispensary phone, in the consultation area, on ward rounds or on visits to care homes.”

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