All Uworld Notes for USMLE Step 1 Updated Second Edition PDF

All Uworld Notes for USMLE Step 1 Updated Second Edition PDF

Here is the popular Uworld Notes for USMLE Step 1 arranged in tables as PDF format.

Uworld Qbank is the number one study resource for USMLE Step 1, used by more than ninety percent of medical students for over fifteen years.
Almost all medical undergraduates in the United States and other countries have trusted Uworld to arrange their licensing exams. Uworld provides students with only the most reliable practice questions and answers.
Uworld goal is to prepare you for the USMLE and encourage you to become a more skilled clinician.
Uworld is central to your Step 1 preparation. It will help you to identify the highest yield facts/concepts. Taught you more medicine than your school courses/syllabi ever did. Increase your test-taking skills and kick you by challenging questions that gave a “reality check: which keeps you focused.
  • Step 1 Preparation Time: Usually between 6 to 12 months
  • LAST UPDATE  Of these Uworld notes  on  July 2020.

Best Way to Use Uworld:

Here are the suggestions on how to utilize UWorld efficiently:

1- Write Down Your Study Notes

It’s very crucial to write down your own notes after every question. 

2- Make Sure You’ve Analyzed Every Question Well

Nevermore leave one question partially reviewed. Possibilities are, you’re going to ignore it and miss the concept that underlies within. 

3- Double Check The Questions You Create

Formulate diversity tests by utilizing old or new questions and various modes such as tutor/timed/untimed. 

4- Start Slow

You’ll see you’ve been wasting an hour creating only 10 questions. Don’t worry, that’s regular and normal. 

5- Only One Block, One Topic

Be sure you concentrate one block of questions on one particular subject you’ve fully read already. 

6- Spend More extra Time-Solving UWorld Step 1 Qbank

It would be best if you stopped relying on memorization. Repeat your clinical correlation and analytical skills. 

Best Study Materials For USMLE Step 1:

  1. Uworld step 1 Qbank
  2. First Aid Book
  3. Pathoma book and Videos
  4. Sketchy videos and notes
  5. Boards and Beyond Videos and Lectures PDFs
  6. Kaplan Lecture note for USMLE Step 1


Best Question Banks for USMLE Step 1:

  1. Uworld
  2. Kaplan
  3. Amboss
  4. Lecturio

Uworld Notes for USMLE Step 1 Subjects :

  • UW notes – 1- Biochemistry arranged.docx
  • UW notes – 2- Immunology arranged.docx
  • UW notes – 3- Microbiology.docx
  • UW notes – 4- pathology.docx
  • UW notes – 5- Pharmacology.docx
  • UW notes – 6- public health.docx
  • UW notes – 7- Cardiology arranged.docx
  • UW notes – 8- Endocrine arrangedd.docx
  • UW notes – 9- Gastero-intestinal arranged.docx
  • UW notes – 10- Hematology _ oncology arranged.docx
  • UW notes – 11- MSK arranged.docx
  • UW notes – 13- Psychiatry.docx
  • UW notes – 14- renal arranged.docx
  • UW notes – 15- Reproductive arrangedd.docx
  • UW statistics review.docx

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In this section, we will distribute Uworld Notes for USMLE Step 1 in PDF for free download. There are fifteen files available to download containing very high-yield notes for USMLE step 1, and so are recommended to everyone those plans to enroll in the Step 1 exam soon. This file has been uploaded with a direct link for user protection and ease-of-access.

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