[Palm Reading] Sings of Disease on Your Hands

[Palm Reading] Sings of Disease on Your Hands #Nice

Palm Reading Sings of Disease on Your Hands




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1-Anemia : Pale palm

2-Raynaud’s phenomenon : Blue palm

3-Hepatitis-gall stones : Yellow palm

4-Addison disease : Dark pegmented creases

5-Hypothyroidism : Orange palm

6-Portal hypertension : Palmar erythema

7-Thyrotoxicosis : Hot and Sweaty

8-Down $: Transverse palmar crease

9-lung cancer: Tripe (velvety rugose thickening )

10-Bladder cancer : Palmar keratosis (papules or pits)

11-Ovarian cancer : Palmar fascia! thickening with lumpy areas

12-Dupuytren’s Disease : Palm thickening and pink fingers bend forward

13-Psoriasis : Thick-red-scaly palm

14-Kindler’s syndrome : Thick glaze palm with decreased palmar creases

15-Rheumatoid arthritis : Wrist and fingers deformities

16-Ulner nerve injury : Clawing of ring and little fingers

17-Median nerve injury : Adduction and hyperextension of thumb and index

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