Shortcut to ECG First Edition PDF

Shortcut to ECG First Edition PDF

Shortcut to ECG First Edition PDF


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Chapter 1 Important basics you need to know. 6-8
Chapter 2 ECG leads. 9-11
Chapter 3 Naming the lines. 12-15
Chapter 4 Relationship of different waves, segments and intervals in different leads.
Chapter 5 Axis determination. 18-19
Chapter 6 Hypertrophy and Enlargement. 20-23
Chapter 7 Arrhythmias (including atrio ventricular blocks).
Chapter 8 Ischemic heart diseases. 41-44
Chapter 9 Pre excitation syndromes. 45-46
Chapter 10 Bundle branch blocks. 47-48
Chapter 11 ECG changes seen in electrolyte imbalances.
Chapter 12 ECG changes associated with other systems.
Chapter 13 Stepwise approach for reading a 12-lead ECG

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