Rapid Interpretation of EKG Sixth Edition [PDF]

Rapid Interpretation EKG free

Rapid Interpretation of EKG Sixth Edition Free [PDF]

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About the Book:

The reader’s rapid assimilation of medical concepts is the key to the continuing success of this best-selling book. A caption explains the concept illustrated on each page, and a few simple sentences reinforce the concept with interactive (programmed) learning, which links to the following page.


Dr Dubin’s light and entertaining style, known world-wide, makes learning enjoyable. Practice 12 lead ecg at the end establish self-confidence, and summarised reference sheets with examples (designed to be copied) provide an excellent review.

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Table of Contents of Rapid Interpretation of EKG

1: Basic Principles…..1
2: Recording the EKG…..31
3: Autonomic Nervous System…..55
4: Rate…..65
5: Rhythm, Part I: Arrhythmias of Focal Origin…..97
6: Rhythm, Part II: Blocks…..173
7: Axis…..203
8: Hypertrophy…..243
9: Infarction (includes Hemiblock)…..259
10: Miscellaneous…..309

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Introduction To Rapid Interpretation of EKG Sixth Edition Book

First, read the caption and associate it with the simplified illustration.
Master the concept. Your comprehension is important.Then, carefully read the interactive text, filling in each blank as you go.

  • If you need to return to the illustration, that’s even better… because each time you review an illustration, the visual image becomes more indelibly impressed in your memory.
  • Interactive (programmed) instruction assures UNDERSTANDING by employing visual imagery to explain and link important concepts. Understanding is the key to lasting knowledge…

…and it’s enjoyable because it is entertaining audience participation. You are the audience, and I’m right here with you, highlighting your progress with helpful “Notes”.

Let’s have some fun!

“Lasting knowledge results from understanding”.


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Rapid Interpretation of EKG Sixth Edition free pdf,

Rapid Interpretation of EKG Sixth Edition Download free pdf,


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