The Patient History: Evidence-Based Approach 2nd Edition PDF

The Patient History Evidence-Based Approach PDF 2nd Edition

It is known that good history is the essential key to any differential diagnosis; history taking is a strict skill that each medical student and doctor must have. The Patient History: Evidence-Based Approach 2nd Edition PDF is the ideal textbook for evidence-based clinical diagnosis and systematic approach. It is a trusted guide to skill-building of orientation and history sheet discussion by teaching you how to extract what you need to know from your patient and the pathway you will go through in your differential diagnosis to hit your final one.


Features of the Patient History: Evidence-Based Approach PDF 2nd Edition.

  • Prepared by Mark Henderson, Chief of the residency program, Davis School of Medicine. Gerald Smetana, Harvard Medical School. Lawrence Tierney, University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine.
  • The Patient History is now available in full color, and it explains how to effectively elicit information from the patient to generate an accurate differential diagnosis.
  • The second version includes new chapters, case scenarios, and diagnostic methods. The essential principles of medical interviewing are outlined in the introductory chapters.

  • Throughout each chapter, the book takes a rigorous evidence-based approach, reviewing and highlighting significant citations from the literature.
  • What distinguishes this edition is the new beginning of chapters with a case scenario that places history-taking principles in a therapeutic context, Multiple-choice self-assessment as each chapter ends with a Q&A section, which is an excellent way for students to check their understanding of the topic.
  • The textbook is updated on 59 prevalent symptoms. Clinical presentations are covered in symptom-based chapters, diagnostic approach part with color algorithms, and hundreds of high-yield questions to guide the history, ranging from fundamental to advanced.
  • Even though the Step 2 CS is no longer available, this is an excellent resource. This book presents the primary forms of questions to focused questions that cover the ROS is where it excels.


Contents of the Patient History: Evidence-Based Approach PDF 2nd Edition.

Part1: introductory concepts

Part2: general symptoms

Part3: head, eyes, nose, ear

Part4: dermatology

Part5: respiratory system

Part6: cardiovascular system

Part7: gastrointestinal system

Part8: genitourinary system

Part9: women’s health

Part10: musculoskeletal system

Part11: neurology

Part12: psychiatry

Part13: communicating the history

Part14: Answers to study questions


We show some opinions of book users.

Pear Sabir said this is not a beginner’s book; instead, it focuses on history’s high-yield advanced style question. Of course, reading it once isn’t enough to make you a master. Knowledge consolidates over time, and if you use this resource regularly and compare your notes from the beginning, you will see how much you have progressed in your history-taking skills and your overall SOAP note.

Andora Emerson said here’s a PA student. This superb book serves as a great companion to Bate’s physical exam book. Lists the most pertinent and digestible information, while maintaining a thorough and systematic approach to diagnosing your patient. The differential diagnosis lists are excellent, and the chapters are short enough that an entire unit may be covered in about an hour.

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