Dermatology Made Easy by Mahmoud Sewilam PDF

Dermatology Made Easy by Mahmoud Sewilam PDF
Dermatology Made Easy by Mahmoud Sewilam

Dermatology is the branch of medicine that is concerned with the study of skin, mucous membranes, nails and hair pathological changes, and sexuality problems. Medicine made easy is a very successful large series of all branches of internal medicine and dermatology. DERMATOLOGY MADE EASY is considered one of the most famous successful editions of dermatology that you can trust during your medical college, residency, or post-graduate studies. It is an ideal solution to primary care physicians and other providers’ continual battle with dermatology diagnosis. It’s short and sweet, but it’s jam-packed with information. It is providing you with the whole skin condition.

Features of Dermatology Made Easy by Mahmoud Sewilam Ebook:

  • Written by professor Mahmoud Sweilam, a leading professor of dermatology, Cairo University.
  • Distinguished by its easy colored reading style, huge information, and comprehensive, integrated high-quality photographic images 
  • Suitable for different doctors like family medicine, general resident, and dermatologists to offer a large database of different skin disorders and conditions 
  • The book begins with a series of thorough tables that include over 500 thumbnail photographs to identify symptoms, morphology, or body site identification. Then, cross-references lead you to more extensive descriptions once you’ve narrowed down the diagnosis.
  • More than 700 clear, definite high-quality photographs of diseases to help you build a strong photographic memory and rapid diagnosis qualifications 
  • Covering all major and common diseases, inflammatory and eruption rashes, noninflammatory skin lesions
  • Conclusive and impressive in its tables presentation way, as each disease is enumerated in all sectors from clinical pictures, mode of infection, causes, clinical and laboratory diagnosis, lines of treatment, and expected resolving time. 
  • Important notes for MCQs and oral questions, tips, and hints on small, simple tables to be easily remembered.
  • The new third edition is updated with the most recent new modes of treatment and latest discoveries and researches of skin diseases and cosmetology. 

Contents of Dermatology Made Easy by Mahmoud Sewilam 2nd Edition PDF:

Chapter1: Basic principles

Chapter2: Pyogenic infection

Chapter3: Parasitic infection

Chapter4: Viral infection

Chapter5: Fungal infection

  1. Classification
  2. Dermatophyte 
  3. Yeast

Chapter6: Leprosy

Chapter7: Papulosquamous skin disorders

Chapter8: Allergic disease

  1. Eczema
  2. Urticaria

Chapter9: Hair disorders

Chapter10: Disorder of sebaceous gland

Chapter11: Pigmentary disorder of the skin

Chapter12: Sexually transmitted disease

Chapter13: Urethritis

Chapter 14: Syphilis

Chapter15: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome(AIDS)

Chapter16: Andrology

Chapter17: Collection 


Reviews of Some Users About the Quality of Dermatology Made Easy Book:

Ahmed Said, an Egyptian fifth-year medical student, said he had used it during his course of derma, and it was very beneficial for him, and it was amazing about logic science; it was as a tour de force.


Adam Mostafa expressed his amazing feeling by saying it was taking an approach of grouping diseases by differential diagnosis first by symptoms, then by morphology, then by body site. Subsequent chapters revisited these conditions surprisingly thoroughly while maintaining brevity. That book was easy to read easy to reference. It fulfilled the need for a photo-intensive introductory text that left the reader with relevant pearls for diagnosis and treatment.



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