250 Questions for the MRCPCH Part 2 PDF

250 Questions for the MRCPCH Part 2 PDF
250 Questions for the MRCPCH Part 2

MRCPCH is the symbol of the royal college of paediatrics and child health in the United Kingdom; It is the professional establishment for pediatricians as it is completely responsible for the training of pediatricians after graduation,  conduct the Royal College of Paediatrics’ membership and child health examinations, this membership is a top-ranked medical license for overseas doctors that gives you the full permission of GMC, it is like an ambitious step in your medical career. As a pediatrician, you have to pass all parts of the MRCPCH exams, so you need very strong sources to make you able to prepare and pass your exams from the first trial with high scores. 250 questions for MRCPCH part 2 PDF is considered a powerful text to help you in problem-solving solutions, including all exam ideas.

Features of 250 Questions for the MRCPCH Part 2 Ebook:

  • Written by an experienced leading specialist of MRCPCH preparation and exams, professor James Robertson.
  • Edition of pass pediatric series, a top famed series of pediatric different global exams.
  • High yield answered top questions which cover all important topics of MRCPCH part 2.
  • It has over 250 questions and answers in the new exam style, and it covers data and photographic interpretation as well as clinical scenarios. The book is well-illustrated with charts and tables that are similar to those seen on the exam, and it has a popular feature called “helpful tips” for each set of questions.
  • Changed to reflect the new MRCPCH part 2 exam structure.
  • Expanded to include a variety of question types (not just data interpretation).
  • All of the questions have been rewritten in a new exam style.
  • Depending on the most recent way of education by hitting with questions first to make the person turning on the brainstorm and stimulating deep memorization, it is a unique technique as the author mentioned that answering any exam question is a mixture of knowledge and technique, so the first highlight those parts of question which you believe are relevant, then read all choices before answering, after you make a choice, relate between your choice and highlights.

Contents of 250 Questions for the MRCPCH Part 2 PDF:


Part2:respiratory medicine







Part9:emergency medicine









Part18:themed questions

Part19:practice exams

Part20:practice and long questions



We Show Some Opinions About 250 Questions for MRCPCH Part 2 Book:

Musab polishing expressed his happiness with the result of this edition as he said it one of the best conclusive books on part 2! It was easy to read and provided thorough coverage of the most common issues experienced at the previous exams. I strongly recommended it to paediatricians whose exams were coming soon.

Richard Rice, who had just finished his part 2 exam, said that 250 questions book was a priceless source. It was shooting each common and important point of the questions of the exam; it was very anchored in my memory and made things easy for me during the exam time.

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