Al-Rokh’s Pacemaker of the Paces 2nd Edition PDF

Al Rokh's Pacemaker of the Paces 2nd Edition PDF
Al Rokh's Pacemaker of the Paces 2nd Edition

MRCP is the symbol of the royal college of physicians in the United Kingdom, It is the professional establishment for internal physicians as it is completely responsible for the training of doctors after graduation,  conduct the Royal College of Physicians’ membership and examinations, this membership is a top-ranked medical license for overseas doctors that gives you the full permission of GMC, it is like an ambitious step in your medical career. As a physician, you have to pass all parts of the MRCP exams so you need a very strong source to make you able to prepare and pass your exams from the first trial with high scores.  Al-Rokh’s Pacemaker of the paces 2nd edition pdf is the most simplified and conclusive approach for MRCP depending on History- communication- brief consultation to direct you to the important topics of exams.


Features of Al-Rokh’s Pacemaker of the Paces 2nd Edition Ebook:

  • Written by Sadek Al-Rokh, who is an experienced professor of MRCP subjects teaching and preparation who is in deep touch with continuous updates of information according to guidelines updates, Consultant of endocrinology in the UK.
  • After the positive feedback and record of selling of the first edition, it makes it more exciting for the author to do his best to make the second edition more beneficial and supported with more important points and information
  • Great value for emergency medicine, acute medicine, general medicine, and ICU 
  • Special care about endocrinal disorders, as it includes more than 35 causes of acute cases you will see in hospital and exams
  • Covering all common topics and previous exams questions, more than 120 clinical cases similar to exams one for more training on clinical scenarios and examination like your upcoming exam
  •  Dr. Saleh had made a planning study of the book content supported by sessions to male reading and study easy as you can finish the topic easily and do questions to anchor information and make it linked in a connected net
  • Each chapter has been revised and updated according to recent updates of basic guidelines 
  • You can depend on this source as your first and essential and only source of study because it is conclusive of all exams topics and keywords clinical solutions and questions models
  • The high-quality design format of pages and homogeneous harmony between headlines and paragraphs  
  • Your revision is supported with confidence for exams success guaranty 

Contents of Al-Rokh’s Pacemaker of the Paces 2nd Edition PDF:

Part1:Basic medical science

Part2:Biostatistics& EBM







Part9:Locomotor system


Part11:cardiovascular system

Part12:Respiratory system

Part13:Infectious diseases






Part19:Commonly tested facts in MRCP



We Show Some Opinions of MRCP Users Students About Al Rokh’s Pacemaker of the Paces 2nd Edition PDF:

Adam Khalil an Egyptian GP had expressed that the book course was very beneficial for him and made him saving about three months in his expected preparation period, it helped him a lot in passing the two parts from the first time with a nice score


Mostafa Hagag a house officer in Elkasreleiny hospitals the best MRCP revision book available. It’s both succinct and comprehensive, whereas most books choose one over the other. It comes highly recommended. 

Naira Atef assistant lecturer of internal medicine had recommended the book roughly as it seemed to be the typical style of the examiners’ way of questions positions, it was effort and time saver

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