2021 USMLE Step 1 Experience Score 240

2021 USMLE Step 1 Experience Score 240
2021 USMLE Step 1 Experience Score 240

Predicted score: 240
GOAL: 240
Real DEAL: 240
Uworld First Pass: 64% (started in 40’s% and ended in high 70’s%).
Uworld Incorrect/marked: 76%
Uworld 2nd pass (1400q’s): 87%

USMLE Assessments:

NBME 16: 190 @45 days
NBME 24: 205 @90 days
NBME 29: 210 @140 days
UWSA-1: 207 @145 days (it was going to expire)
AMBOSS SA: 217 @ 150 days
NBME 18: 236 @185 days (T-7 days)
UWSA-2: 243 @188 days (T-4 days)
Free120: 80% @190 days (T-2 days)
Download these study materials from >> usmlematerials.net

USMLE Study Resources :

– FA + Uworld
Anki the following decks (Duke Ch1,2,3 “Pathoma”, FA rapid review, Micro: “Uworld do this one last from Zanki decks”)

Crash group (This was important not only for knowledge acquisition or practice because I was not as active as I wanted because of timezone difference, but the importance of having people in the same boat at different levels of prep is important. My group was full of incredible people, they also crashed me before the exam and their support was good to me).

Close group (4-5 people) with the same objective and timeframe (this helps with motivation keeping track of each other and good competition was also a very helpful resource).

Prep time 192 days (6months):

5-6 days a week (6-8hr/day). The importance of a free day is fundamental in this process (BURNOUT IS REAL)

#Days 1-45:

FA 25 pages per day + Uworld 20-30q/day (was impossible for me at the time to do more)

#Days 46-90:

Only Uworld 40qs a day = I’m at 2400q for that moment (some more free days some days I managed to do 60qs a day). 205 in NBME at the end of that period


Did the rest of Uworld (re-read FA weak areas) 60-80 a day. (I have burned out already, studied 3 days procrastinated 2 days, and so on).

#Days 150-190:

Gave me a good break (had fun and rest) to restart because I was stuck in the low 200’s. Then restarted 60->80->120 questions a day.
-> 3-4 weeks before was doing 5 blocks a day.
-> 2 weeks before I was doing 6 blocks (revising only wrong) use to get really tired and study 2 days and skip 1 or something like that.
-> Last week was self-assessment week and reviewing them (after each SA did 3 blocks of Uworld) Mask on to mimic the real deal, 5 min break after every block (yoga + protein bar + water).

Day 191: The day before the exam (Followed Dirty Medicine video on what to do)

– Wake up early, shower, gym until I was exhausted, the little party (with no alcohol), swim until I was tired, went for a massage at a Chinese parlor, and went to bed at around 6 PM. (I have OSA so my sleep at said I slept 8hrs).

#Day of REAL DEAL:

Woke up at 5 am, good shower with positive energy did some stretching, got nicely dressed as if I was going on a date willing to get lucky, breakfast 2 eggs and oatmeal. Went with blasting music and full of energy to the exam arrived at 7 am, 2 acetaminophens and I was starting the exam at 7:30.
– Wrote cheat sheet on the intro
– Did 2 blocks (15min spare in first and 10 min spare in second)
6-minute break (Stretch/protein bar/water)
– Next 2 blocks (10,8 minutes spare)
15 min break (protein bar/water/stretch)
– 1 block
5 min break
– 1 block (only 3 min left) this was full of experimental questions don’t let that bother you)
10 min break (took 1gr of acetaminophen = “headache prevention lol”
– Last block (crush it hard as it was the first one).
Marked in average 8questions per block

Got drunk after the exam.
The next couple weeks of waiting is the most horrible thing in the world)

ENDPOINT: I think personally that the most important thing at the end of the journey is being comfortable with dong 7 blocks back to back with a mask on)
“If you are gonna run a 20Km marathon (7 blocks) you train for 20Km (7 blocks) not for 10Km (4 blocks)”

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