Bariatric Surgery in Clinical Practice PDF

Bariatric Surgery in Clinical Practice PDF

With the help of a band around the stomach, the removal of a portion of it, or the dissection and rerouting of the small intestine, weight loss is achieved during many surgeries used in bariatric obesity medicine on obese patients. Everyone, including doctors and patients, benefits from bariatric surgery because it improves conditions like diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, fatty liver, and many malignancies while lowering expenditures associated with housing, benefits, and overall economic burden. Bariatric Surgery in Clinical Practice PDF will help tackle the negative views surrounding the topic and improve the volume and quality of referrals.


Features of Bariatric Surgery in Clinical Practice PDF

  • Prepared by David Haslam, Dunstable University Hospital, Aseem Malhotra, Roc Health Services, and Matthew S. Capehorn.
  • Primary care physicians, family practitioners, general internists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, gastroenterologists, radiologists, medical and surgical residents, and medical students can all benefit from bariatric surgery.
  • The treatment of obesity with medicine Bariatric surgery types Patient evaluations before bariatric surgery following bariatric surgery, the patient is under medical management. dietary and psychological effects of weight loss surgery radiologic imaging and endoscopic imaging

  • A practical reference book that is easy to use and contains all the information a medical professional might need to help with patient selection, preoperative evaluation, and sophisticated postoperative care for the bariatric patient.
  • Numerous important aspects of bariatric surgery are comprehensively and thoroughly discussed in the chapters on Bariatric Surgery, which also include a large number of tables, photos, and charts.

Contents of Bariatric Surgery in Clinical Practice

  • Obesity in Context; What Is the Need for Assessment and Management of Obesity and Related Conditions
  • Winning the Battle But Losing the War on Obesity?
  • Obesity in Practice: The Opportunities
  • Obesity Is a Disease
  • Obesity and Periodontal Disease
  • The Role of Commercial Weight Loss Programmes
  • The Role of Formula Very Low and Low Energy Diets in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Management
  • Role of the Nurse in Managing Obesity
  • The Role of Community Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapy in Obesity Management
  • Physical Activity and Exercise: Challenging Misconceptions and Considerations for People with Obesity
  • Teaching Kitchens for Nutrition Education and Improve Health Outcomes
  • Setting Up a Tier 3 Service and Barriers to It
  • Commissioning of Weight Management Services
  • The Staff, Roles, and Facilities in Tier 3
  • The Role of the Psychologist in Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery

  • Dietary Impact on the Prevention and Management of Obesity
  • Obesity Services Luton and Dunstable Hospital: Overview
  • Obesity Management: Criteria for Commissioning
  • Bariatric Surgery Dietician Section
  • The Role of the Specialist Obesity Nurse Within the Bariatric Multidisciplinary Team
  • Psychological Aspects of Obesity Management
  • The Role of the Nurse Post-Bariatric Surgery Within a Bariatric Centre
  • Bariatric Surgery: Making the Right Decision
  • Obesity Education
  • Gastric Band

We show some opinions of the book readers

Steven Bickford said “The most frequent operations are precisely defined and vividly shown so the reader may fundamentally learn surgical anatomy. Because issues about management, particularly endoscopic management of problems following surgery, commonly arise, this publication is an essential reference that should be available in the clinical context. In particular, the endoscopist performing procedures on an obese patient while under conscious sedation will find the chapter on perioperative anesthesia issues to be particularly helpful. It was well written and contains information that will be helpful to all team members caring for the obese patient. The section on radiologic imaging after bariatric surgery, which includes great-quality radiographs depicting typical problems such as an anastomotic leak, ulcer, and strictures, is very pertinent to the endoscopist. This primer should be regarded as mandatory reading.

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