Differential Diagnosis in Obstetrics and Gynaecology An A-Z 2nd Edition

Differential Diagnosis in Obstetrics and Gynaecology An A-Z 2nd Edition [pdf]

Differential Diagnosis in  Obstetrics and Gynaecology  An A-Z  2nd Edition

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A Abdominal pain 1
Abdominal pain in pregnancy 4
Abdominal swellings in pregnancy 7
Amniotic fluid abnormalities 12
Anaemia in pregnancy 18
B Back pain in pregnancy 23
Bell’s palsy in pregnancy 25
Birth injuries, maternal 30
Birth injuries, neonatal 34
Bleeding disorders in pregnancy, including thrombocytopenia 40
Bleeding in childhood (vaginal) 44
Bleeding during early pregnancy 46
Bleeding in late pregnancy (antepartum haemorrhage) 50
Bleeding, postmenopausal 54
Bleeding, rectal, during pregnancy 59
Blocked nose in pregnancy 61
Breast lumps in pregnancy 68
Breast tenderness in pregnancy and the puerperium 70
Breast/nipple discharge in pregnancy 70
Breathlessness in pregnancy: cardiac causes 72
Breathlessness in pregnancy: respiratory causes 80
C Cervical cytology, abnormal 89
Cervical swelling (cervix uteri) 93
Chest pain in pregnancy: cardiac causes 97
Chest pain in pregnancy: non-cardiac causes 101
Collapse in pregnancy 106
Collapse in the puerperium 111
CTG abnormalities 116
E Epigastric pain in pregnancy 121
F Fever, postoperative (gynaecological) 124
Fever, puerperal 130
Fits in pregnancy 135
G Galactorrhoea 140
Genitalia, ambiguous (including congenital anomalies) 142
Glycosuria of pregnancy 146
Haematemesis in pregnancy 149
Haematuria (blood in the urine) 153
Hand pain in pregnancy 154
Headache in pregnancy 157
Heartburn during pregnancy 162
Hirsutism/virilism 164
Hot flushes 167
Hydrops fetalis 170
Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy 175
I Incontinence, faecal, and pregnancy 180
Incontinence, urinary 183
Infertility/subfertility 185
Intrauterine fetal death and mid-trimester pregnancy loss 191
Itching in pregnancy (see also rashes in pregnancy) 193
J Jaundice and liver disease in pregnancy 196
K Keloids and hypertrophic scars 199
L Labour, precipitate 200
Labour, premature 201
Labour, prolonged 203
Leg pain in pregnancy (deep venous thrombosis) 206
Leg swelling in pregnancy 210
Libido, loss of 213
M Menstrual periods, absent (amenorrhoea) 214
Menstrual periods, heavy and/or irregular
(menorrhagia/metrorrhagia) 219
Menstrual periods, infrequent (oligomenorrhoea) 225
Menstrual periods, painful, (dysmenorrhoea) 225
Miscarriage, recurrent 226
N Nosebleeds (epistaxis) in pregnancy 230
O Ophthalmic issues and the maternal eye in pregnancy 234
Oral and dental considerations in pregnancy 239
Ovarian swellings 243
P Pain during intercourse 246
Palpitations in pregnancy 248
Pelvic pain 253
Pelvic swellings 255
Premenstrual syndrome 260
Prolapse of uterus and vagina 262
Prolonged pregnancy 267
Proteinuria in pregnancy 272
Psychological problems in pregnancy and the
postnatal period 276
Puberty 282
Pubic bone pain in pregnancy 287
R Rashes in pregnancy (see also itching in pregnancy
and vulval itching) 290
T Thyroid problems in pregnancy 292
Tiredness in pregnancy 296
Tumour markers in gynaecology 300

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