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Williams Obstetrics 26th Edition PDF has been the landmark of all obstetric medicine for many long years, the most recent facts and ideas are provided in the new edition of this authoritative, evidence-based text while maintaining its hallmark broad coverage and relevance at the bedside. The product of a century of professional thought provides in-depth coverage of obstetrical issues like preterm labor, pregnancy-related hypertension, infection, and bleeding. It also includes basic information on the anatomy, physiology, and prenatal care of the reproductive system. This edition has been improved by the authors with more than 1,000 full-color images and a stronger focus on the rapidly expanding specialism of maternal-fetal medicine.


Features of Williams Obstetrics 26th Edition PDF

  • Prepared by Kenneth J. Leveno and Gillette, Professors of gynecology, Texas Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas.
  • With its detailed explanations of disease pathophysiology and treatment fundamentals, it provides a bedrock text for residents who are training in obstetrics or family medicine specialties.
  • Fellows in maternal-fetal medicine will benefit from its additional discussions of complicated pathology and management
  • Williams Obstetrics can aid specialists who act as consultants for gravidas with non-pregnancy-related disorders

  • Specifically, each chapter in section 12 focuses on a specific organ system, the normal physiological changes and frequent disorders of that system in pregnancy, and suitable treatment options
  • The new edition continues to present the detailed stables of basic obstetrics such as maternal anatomy and physiology, preconception and prenatal care, labor, delivery, and the puerperium. These accompany detailed discussions of obstetrical complications exemplified by preterm labor, hemorrhage, hypertension, and many more.
  • These talks are deepened by the expert clinical pearls, which are prepared for busy practitioners—those “in the trenches.” The reader of one chapter might be directed to a different chapter that contains complementary content to combine all of our content. This provides a wider perspective on a certain subject.
  • Almost 900 figures, including graphs, sonograms, magnetic resonance pictures, photographs, photomicrographs, and data graphs, are all brand-new and come in brilliant color. Our medical artists produced a large portion of the original artwork.

Contents of Williams Obstetrics PDF 26th Edition

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Maternal anatomy and physiology

Part 3: Placentation, embryogenesis, and fetal development

Part 4: Preconceptional and prenatal care

Part 5: First and second-trimester pregnancy loss

Part 6: The fetal patient

Part 7: Labor

Part 8: Delivery

Part 9: The Newborn

Part 10: The puerperium

Part 11: Obstetrical complications

Part 12: Medical and surgical complications


We show some opinions on the book

Strain said difficult to read and filled with crucial oBGYN knowledge. The only other possibility would be to be a child of an OBGYN attending school, although I imagine your professor can show you how to traverse this textbook in a very short amount of time.

Hannah Toda said although I haven’t read this from cover to cover, I constantly refer to it. The images are excellent. Instead of presenting all the information and allowing readers to make their own decisions, I find it strange and a little annoying that the authors frequently refer to what they do at their hospital. By phrasing it that way, they add an element of expectation rather than promoting evidence-based practice.

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