Doctor’s Guide : The Way to be a GP PDF

Doctor's Guide Book The way to be GP Ebook PDF
Doctor's Guide Book The way to be GP

In your first steps in clinical medicine, you need highly trusted rich sources to be your handle and build your basics with enhancing your special style of medical practice, Doctor’s guide textbook is a recently wonderful emerging book that has gained notoriety and has proven its efficiency among the various books of foundation and general practice. It has achieved high sales, which reflects the quality of the content and its suitability to provide practical medical content in a simplified theoretical manner. This book depends on clinical cases that you will face identical cases in your hospital more than huge amounts of details and theoretical topics supported with clinical techniques of all interventional procedures.


Features of Doctor’s guide book: The way to be GP PDF:

  • Written by Dr Sharif Mahomoud, a consultant of emergency medicine, Cairo University.
  • Distinguished by an easy creative writing style depending on nice words that helps much to make reading medicine more flexible and comfortable
  • Presenting clinical information in a clear way that makes it easy to revise, remember, and implement on the ward. It gives reliable advice on what to do and when and how to do it.
  • Covering all fields of clinical medicine from the emergency room to internal, pediatric, and surgery.
  • A great sector of drugs explanation as discussion of mechanisms of action, side effects and interactions and differential doses of pharmacological drugs for adults and children.
  • Concentrating on paramedical tools, you can find enough details about imaging and lab investigations.
  • Supported with high-quality images and illustrations of diseased cases to anchor information and enhance photo memory.
  • Each chapter is composed with great experience from the author in each field to guarantee delivery of accurate, updated information depending on relevant guidelines from the NHS, NICE, the Resuscitation Council.
  • Showing light on the different specialities and encouraging the reader to focus on the practical side of medicine and know a patient-centred approach to care

Contents of Doctor’s Guide Book: The way to be GP Ebook:


Part2:Emergency Medicine

2.1- Trauma

2.2- Chest pain

2.3- Acute abdomen

2.4- Coma

2.5- Allergy…

Part3: Internal medicine

Part4: Pediatric clinic

Part5: Surgery clinic

Part6: Gynecology and dysmenorrhea

Part7: Ear, nose, throat

Part8: Ophthalmology

Part9: Dermatology

Part10: Pediatric drugs

Part11: Adult drugs

Part12: Fluid therapy and drug maintenance

Part13: Lab investigations

Part14: ECG and radiology

Part15: Practical procedures


We Show Some Opinions of Junior Doctors Who Read the Book and Depend on It in Their Study:

Adam Noor, a new family medicine resident, expressed his happiness with the level of this book, saying the new edition content is updated according to the most recent guidelines and excellent graphics for visual learning; it is comprehensive and integrated especially practical situations procedures.

Hany Abbas, a 6th-year medical student, said that textbook was his right hand in applied medicine while studying in final years of medical school as he mentioned that the revisions at the end of each chapter, as well as the whole test at the end, are excellent for determining how well you grasp the topic, highly recommended text.



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