Download PLAB 1 Handwritten Notes 2020

Download PLAB 1 Handwritten Notes 2020
Download PLAB 1 Handwritten Notes 2020

About PLAB 1 Exam:

Do I need to take the PLAB test? 

If you graduated from a medical institution outside of the UK, EEA, or Switzerland, you want to take the PLAB test or achieve a recognized postgraduate qualification. Suppose you are an EEA doctor and qualified at an EEA system. In that case, your postgraduate qualification will automatically meet the GMC skills and experience criteria and don’t require you to sit PLAB.

What is the PLAB examination? 

PLAB is a licensing test to evaluate whether an International Medical Graduate (IMG) is trained to obtain GMC Registration or not. Technically, it is not a certification. Instead, it merely makes you qualified for full GMC registration. 

How many parts to the PLAB examination?

There are two parts to the PLAB test.

PLAB 1 is a written test mode up to 180 multiple choice questions that you must answer within three hours. It all starts with a short scenario followed by a question. It would be best if you chose the right answer out of the five possible solutions given. You can sit part 1 in a number of countries, as well as in the UK.

PLAB 2 is a practical objective structured clinical exam known as an OSCE. It includes 18 scenarios, each remaining eight minutes, and intends to show real-life environments, including a mock consultation or an critical ward. Part 2 tests operate during the year at the GMC’s clinical assessment center in the UK only.

You need to succeed in both parts of the examination before you can ask for registration with a license to practice medicine in the UK.

What does it cost?

The fee for Part 1 of the PLAB test is currently £235 (as of 1 April 2019).
The fee for Part 2 of the PLAB test is currently £860 (as of 1 April 2019).

Information About PLAB 1 Handwritten Notes 2020 PDF

  • Two Files (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • 31 Pages
  • Files Size: 188 MBs
  • PLAB 1 notes

Sample From PLAB 1 Handwritten Notes 2020:

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