Download Plabkeys 2021 Version 3 PDF For Free

Plabkeys 2021 Version 3 PDF For Free

The British health care system is one of the five strongest health care systems in the world. In proportion to all those advantages that workers get, the rate of joining these institutions increases, so the chief establishment has set clear and tidy steps for doctors coming from overseas. Plabkeys is a set of high yield short and condensed information that focuses directly on targeted points of exam questions. Plabkeys pdf 2021 is a comprehensive and integrated source for the last day’s revision after the finish of the major study. Plabkeys subscription guarantees absorption of the required material to pass the exam confidently.


Features of PlabKeys 2021 Version 3 for PLAB 1 Exam in PDF

  • Introduced by Plabkeys corporation which specialized in Plab exams preparation and courses with suitable Plabkeys price
  • The professional and Linguistic assessments board exams it is the only way for equivalency for overseas doctors.
  • Plab exam is one of the most necessary tests to register with it in the General medical council of the United Kingdom to have the right to do medicine in the states.
  • Plabkeys version 3 is supported with new updated concepts and recalls correction of previous mistakes and addition of most recent guidelines.
  • Great coverage of all previous exams of UK

  • To pass the tests successfully, you must choose strong and sufficient sources to help you organize time and effort and guide you to the most important points, and the latest updates of the tests, preparation, and hard work are the keys to your success, so Plabkeys gives you an objective review of all the main and important topics.
  • Plabkeys provides you with the most suitable road to score the success of the exams by a quick review of Plab keys google drive notes, solving extra MCQs on the chapter you finished, going for the notes again with more intensity this time, repeating the process more than three times during the revision as a deeper study of notes meets higher success score.
  • Distinguished by continuous monthly updates according to the UK guidelines, adding selected targeted new topics and headlights in the chapters
  • Extreme easy and attractive presentation of topics starting with definitions of the disease and the targeted basic hints about the clinical picture, diagnosis,, and lines of treatment
  • Each disease of plabkeys is supported with a clinical case scenario to anchor information and make remembering and differential diagnosis faster and easier as Plap1 is not a test of knowledge, and it is a test of core knowledge application in a format of cases scenario you will really face in medical practice in the UK which depends on critical thinking and imagination.
  • Summarized keys and hints of specific topics in plabkeys latest version like infective endocarditis, pulmonary edema, hypertension management, paracetamol overdose, burns, anaphylaxis, CT after the head injury, acidosis vs. alkalosis, sepsis, common breast lesions, cystic fibrosis, leukemia, hepatitis, meningitis, nephrotic syndrome and neurology collection.

Subjects Included in PlabKeys 2021 Version 3 For PLAB

  • Part1: Anatomy
  • part2: Cardiology
  • part3: Dermatology
  • part4: Emergency
  • part5: Endocrinology
  • part6: ENT
  • part7: Epidemiology
  • part8: Medical Ethics
  • part9: Git
  • part10: General surgery
  • part11: Genetics
  • part12: Genitourinary
  • part13: Geriatric
  • part14: Haematology
  • part15: Infectious diseases
  • part16: Nephrology
  • part17: Neurology
  • part18: Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • part19: Miscellaneous
  • part20: Opthalmology
  • part21: Orthopedics
  • part22: Paediatrics
  • part23: palliative care
  • part24: pharmacology
  • part25: psychiatry
  • part26: respiratory
  • part27: rheumatology
  • part28: urology
  • part29: vascular surgery
  • part30: critical care
  • part31: Recent recalls of plabkeys

Medical Students Review About Plabkeys Latest Version

Dan Doc said many appreciate those efforts in presenting that priceless material in a comprehensible format. He just used PlAB 1 keys offline for his November 2020 exam, and they were very useful and beneficial for his success. It was strongly suggested for everyone. Some candidates used it in conjunction with other resources to ace the PLAB1, so experiment to see what works best for you. The notes were organized in a pleasing manner and were simple to recall; they increased my confidence to pass the exam. They were really great, and I wished to keep them up.

Nyla kaya said she just signed up and read a few notes of plabkeys latest version. It was a lot of fun. She wished she could print it, but she understood she would not be able because it would be shared widely. The best part about these notes was that, in comparison with other notes she discovered on the internet, they were simple to understand. Illustrations and diagrams were very useful.

Rotimi said that Plabkeys download was critical for his plab exam success, short informative notes, topic repetition, and continuous updating ensuring that topics would be remembered. It was really a valuable source.

Download PlabKeys 2021 PDFs

To download and read the  use the PlabKeys 2021 download links mentioned below :


Dermatology.pdf – 19.9 MB
Emergency.pdf – 37.7 MB
Endocrinology.pdf – 29.4 MB
ENT.pdf – 22.9 MB
Epidemiology.pdf – 11.2 MB
Ethics.pdf – 18.8 MB
Anatomy.pdf – 23.2 MB
Cardiology.pdf – 48.4 MB
Critical Care.pdf – 6.1 MB
Neurology.pdf – 43.2 MB

General Surgery.pdf – 27.5 MB
Genetics.pdf – 12.0 MB
GenitoUrinary.pdf – 7.6 MB
Geriatrics.pdf – 2.3 MB
GIT.pdf – 36.9 MB
Haemotology.pdf – 26.9 MB
Infectious Disease.pdf – 29.8 MB
Miscellaneous.pdf – 9.8 MB
Pharmacology.pdf – 19.1 MB
Psychiatry.pdf – 30.9 MB
Respiratory.pdf – 23.3 MB
Rheumatology.pdf – 11.4 MB
Urology.pdf – 15.5 MB
Vascular.pdf – 8.3 MB
Obstetrics and Gynaecology.pdf – 46.8 MB
Opthalmology.pdf – 21.1 MB
Orthopaedics.pdf – 21.7 MB
Paediatrics.pdf – 49.9 MB
Palliative Care.pdf – 10.5 MB

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