Download PlabKeys Version 2 (2020) PDFs Updated

PlabKeys Version 2 for PLAB 1 2021 pdf
PlabKeys Version 2 for PLAB 1 2021 pdf

Download PlabKeys Version 2 (2020) Updated PDFs Free Download


Here is the popular PlabKey To Pass PLAB 1 Exam in PDF format.

(Sometimes one can fail because of one mark! = one wrong or missing information!)

​Features of PlabKeys Version 2 for PLAB 1 Exam:

√ We corrected the mistakes in the previous version! 

√ We updated our notes with the most recent PLAB 1 Questions and the UK Guidelines.

√ We included new topics within each chapter (topics that were targeted in recent exams.

√ We included the recent recalls at the end of each chapter, and will continue to update each chapter with the recent recalls once they are obtained.

√ This version will be CONSTANTLY UPDATED with new topics, keys, guidelines and questions, and our members will be notified by email of all new updates.

[With every update of a chapter, the version will upgrade (e.g. Version 2.1, Version 2.2…etc]


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